Sexy Actress Yua Mikami and Legendary Goldfinger Taka Kato who’s also the Brand Ambassador of EMPIRE777

You know what really makes a good game of Poker even better? When not just one but TWO JAV Porn Star Legends play it!

That’s right! Everyone knows Yua Mikami, one of the most popular sexy JAV (Japanese Adult Video) Actress. Now imagine her playing Texas Hold’em Poker versus the Legendary JAV Actor Taka Kato!


While Yua Mikami’s appeal is her cute but sexy Japanese Idol Star branding, Taka Kato’s is for his expertise and gold finger.

And in this episode of GACKT Produced Poker x Poker: One-on-One Tournament in the Industry, we get to see the sexy Female and Male Representative of the JAV Industry play one on one in a solid game of Poker!


If you didn’t know yet, this amazing Poker Tournament was produced by the famous Japanese musician GACKT!


One thing GACKT loves more than music is POKER, and boy does he like it. He’s actually played a LOT of Poker Tournaments all over the world, which is why he’s the perfect host for this program.

Sexy Yua Mikami Plays Poker with Legendary Goldfinger Taka Kato


Poker Tournaments are fun to play and watch because of the tension between players.

That tension is 10x hotter when it’s Yua Mikami playing vs. the equally charming Taka Kato.

I mean, just look at her caressing the poker chips, staring daringly at the legendary Goldfinger.

Anyone else would be shaking in cold sweat.


Watch their February Tournament Broadcast in AbemaTV’s “AbemaSPECIAL Channel” (a free internet TV Station)!

GACKT, our special host for the Poker Tournament, is so excited as the two JAV Legends face off.

As Host, GACKT will give the live commentary and explain to the two players about the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker (yes, the same Poker variant being played in Red Dead Redemption 2).

He also interviewed the two JAV Actors about how they’re feeling battling each other in this classic casino game.

Representative of the JAV Actress World: Yua MikamiYua-mikami

Yua-mikami Yua-mikami

  • Real Name: Momota Kito
  • Stage name: Yua Mikami
  • Nickname: Yua-chan, Yuanya
  • Date of Birth: August 16, 1993
  • Hometown: Nagoya, Aichi
  • Blood Type: Type A
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: Private
  • Shoe size: 23.5 cm
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Favorite food: Peach
  • Exclusive Contract: S1 NO.1 STYLE
  • Other activities: Ebisu ★ Muscat, Ebisu Muscat 1.5
  • Educational background:
    • Furuya City Ueno Elementary School, Nagoya City Henchu
    • Junior High School, Nagoya Otani High School (dropped out in 2 years)
  • Occupation: Japanese AV Actress and Idol
    • Received “Morning Musume Happy 8th Audition” in 2006, but lost in second round
    • Received “AKB48 5th Student Audition” in October 2007, but lost
    • In 2009, passed SKE48 audition under the name of Momo Kito (and then worked at SKE48 until 2014)
    • Graced the cover of both magazines in “Weekly Young Jump x Weekly Playboy Full Collaboration Plan 48 Group (AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 / HKT48)
    • Graced Princess Summit Battle!” held in 2013 with all 48 group idol participation
    • Graduated from SKE48 on April 29, 2014
    • AV debut in June 2015

Q: Do you have any previous experience with Poker?

A: This is the first time. I’ve never tried gambling before, and I was worried because I was just a beginner. But I thought it would be surprisingly fun plus I could get to know the other person.

Q: What was fun about Poker?

A: For men, personality comes out with facial expressions with the amount of chips that appear. Taka Kato was saying “I like women”, but he was very kind. In just a short time, it was interesting to be able to understand the other person without talking.

Q: How was GACKT’s Live Commentary?

A: It was my first time to meet him but his voice was really cool. Today the story below has been included in the live commentary and you can see a noisy GACKT which is cute.

I was able to see something different form the usual, and he advised me about Poker. Thanks to GACKT-san I was able to play confidently with a peace of mind.

Q: Tell us what you thought about your first match with Taka Kato?

A: I wasn’t an active actor and I didn’t usually saw him, so there was a strange tension. We’ve never met as actors, so I don’t know him very well but of course I know who Taka Kato is. But I was nervous because he didn’t know who I was.

Q: What did you feel about Taka Kato after the game?

A: He was the “male representative”. We’re dealing with 10,000 people, so I felt the kindness or feeling of being used to women.

Q: Do you want to play Poker in the future? Is there somewhere you can play it?

A: I don’t have many friends who play Poker, but I can do Kirara-chan tomorrow and do it once more.

Q: Please tell us how enthusiastic you are for this Poker Tournament!

A: Even though he’s retired, I’m honored to play against an actor who was active on the front lines. I would like to win and show the strength of women, and I want to show the strength of the sexy actress world even though Kitta (Kirara Asuka) lost last time.

Representative of the JAV Actor World: Taka Kato, the Goldfinger



  • Real Name: Taka Kato
  • Stage Name: Taka Kato
  • Nickname: Legend, Taka-san, Godfinger, Goldfinger, Ta-chan, Masayuki Kato, Takako
  • Date of Birth: 1 May 1959
  • Hometown: Akita City, Akita Prefecture
  • Blood Type: Type A
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Shoe Size: 23.5 cm
  • Occupation: JAV Actor, Brand Ambassador to Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777

Q: How long have you been playing Poker?

A: I used to play a lot of 5-Card Draw Poker.

Q: How does it feel using Texas Hold’em Poker Rules this time?

A: I felt that the element of psychology was strong in the game because it’s one on one (1:1). That’s why I’m also confident in winning.

Q: What do you think is fun about Poker?

A: It’s how you can take down the other party over and over again.

Q: How was GACKT-san’s commentary throughout the whole Poker Game?

A: I’m looking forward to it. It’s fun to talk during such a serious game.

Q: You also talked about a lot of memories with GACKT.

A: It won’t be such a memorable story in a year or two, but it’s been a good one for the past 15 or 16 years.

Q: What was your first impression of GACKT when you saw him last 15 or 16 years ago?

A: Personally, I only looked through the TV screen. So it’s an impression that hasn’t changed much when we actually met in person.

Q: Do you want to play more Poker in the future after trying Texas Hold’em?

A: I’m actually going to Hong Kong next week, so I’ll go to Macau and play. I want to try my skills again. I’ve been in the JAV Industry for so long that I hate to lose, so I want to win. But you can’t win at poker by losing to hatred. I think the place where I hold down is where I control the game, and it’s my judgement that determines where the game is important.

Q: Please tell us your feelings when they asked your opponent to be sexy JAV Actress Yua Mikami.

A: We have an acquaintance but sometimes the time schedule is different in the main business, so we never managed to meet.

She’s like a child whose expression is hard to grasp (Poker Face). What’s going on really? In the case of women, there are many kinds of people like that.

But in my case, I could read her if I put it together, but this time I didn’t do it so I think that will affect how we play psychologically.

Q: Please tell us how excited you are for this Poker Tournament!

#1 is the best for everything! If anyone asks you “is it okay to be Number 2?” I don’t like losing so I answer “no!” immediately.

I always want to be #1 in everything I do, so even if it’s not my main job, I want it to be like “Everything Taka Kato does is great”.

GACKT Gets Excited, Yua Mikami Beats Taka Kato and WINS at Poker!

yua mikami taka kato poker

GACKT obviously saw some tension between the two JAV Star players. Because of that, erotic talk developed!

When Yua Mikami and Taka Kato arrived at the table, GACKT said the table suddenly looked like a bed!

He even made a comment about sensual touches:

“When Mr. Taka touches a round object, everything [else] looks ugly.”

Taka Kato laughed at this, of course.

He even asked Yua Mikami if she liked playing Poker, to which Yua Mikami answers “I like it!” in a sexual way.


There were even jokes about going for 4 rounds.

“4 times is hard for men. I can’t think of 4 times.”

Everyone laughs!

yua mikami taka kato gackt poker

Watch Yua Mikami x Taka Kato in a Match of Poker with GACKT as the fun commentary!

 Taka Kato (Representative of JAV actors)

Yua Mikami (JAV actress world representative)

Narration: Ai Kato

Dealers: Koyanagitsu Taro, Masuda Anna, Ciel

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