How to Play and Win in Money Wheel

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How to Play and Win in Money Wheel

In this game, some have termed luck and view it as a game of chances while others have termed logic as the reason behind their success in the money wheel game. In the globe people are looking for additional sources of income, money wheel presents you with that opportunity as it enhances your chances of getting fortunes from spinning.

What is money wheel?

Money wheel is a simple game played on a vertical rotary large wooden or plastic wheel with a fixed pointer on the edge. The wheel is divided into different colored sections whereby each section is represented by a symbol. The goal is to place a bet on the symbol that you think will be lucky on the next spin. The odds for the sections are shown on the wheel and on the table, from even money to 47-1. Money wheel differs from big six in that it has 56 stops instead of 54 and some of them are multiples.

Money wheel is a simple and an exciting game, which requires you to predict where the pointer will land on after each spin of the wheel. It is an exciting game whereby a win can be easily achieved if a bet is placed sensibly by reading money wheel tips.

How to play:

1. Place a bet on the number you feel the wheel will stop at.

2. After all the bets are placed, the dealer grabs one side of the wheel and spins.

3. When the wheel has finished spinning and lands on one of the symbols, the staff announces the winning result.

4. The dealers will remove all losing bets and all winning bets are paid.

5. Should the pointer stop on the divider between two compartments the dealer shall announce a no spin and at that point bets may remain, be changed, or removed.

Money wheel Winning tips

The secret to winning on the money wheel is to bet small, never more than one or two number combinations at a time, and never for a long period. There is no particular strategy to win consistently in the long term. You can easily win in the short term, but the very house edge on the money wheel game will mean you simply can’t win in the long run.

For you to win, it is important to note the type of wheel layout that is in use which in most cases, there are two. The American and European ones. The American one has two zeroes which will double the advantage for the casinos

In as much as different wheels contain different order of arrangement of numbers, there are some similarities in the patterns such as red and black numbers alternating around the wheel. Low numbers and high numbers are made to alternate as much as possible as well as odd and even numbers in their distribution too.

There is an interesting symmetry that you have to look at between the red low numbers and black high numbers and that is they fall on one side of zero on the wheel. Noting this, look at the sequence that contains no numbers between a certain set of numbers after which you can place your bets on that whole dozen to win.

Dream catcher

How to Play and Win in Money Wheel - EMPIRE777

Dream Catcher is a live casino game in Evolution, which is very easy to learn. This game is played using a wheel. This wheel has 52 segments, plus 2 multiplier segments worth 7x and 2x.

How to play?

All you have to do is just bet on the number you think the wheel is going to stop on. Also, there is no need to memorize the payouts or anything.  The numbers directly match the odds. In addition, if the wheel stops on the 2x or 7x multiplier segment, the wheel is spun again and all odds are increased by either 2x or 7x, depending on which multiplier it stopped on.

Although on this bonus spin, no new bets are allowed. Therefore, adjusting the previous example if the wheel stops on 2X twice before landing on 6, the odds would increase to 24/1.  

How to win money on dream catcher?

1. Low risk, if you want to just lower your risk and have your bankroll last longer you can apply a 20-10-2 strategy for more frequent wins. With 2 you cover 15 sections, 10 covers 4, and 20 covers 2. This means that you cover 38.88% of the wheel.

2. Medium risk, a medium-risk strategy is called “The Simple 5”. This strategy makes you aim at taking advantage of the number 5 to cover 14 out of 54 sections on the wheel. 

3. High risk, this strategy is for people who enjoy reaping the big rewards when so-called lady luck turns her gaze towards them. They only cover 5.55% of the wheel but with the multipliers which we have already mentioned, they can turn into a huge profit.


It is the latest game show of Evolution Gaming. It combines monopoly and dream catcher.

How to play:

Go to the live casino section and choose a crazy time. Place your bets from the 8 different ones to choose from. The hosts spin the wheel. If the wheels stop at a segment with a number that you had placed, you bet on then you win. If it stops at a bonus, the bonus is activated. If you placed a bet on that bonus you play the bonus and if not, you can only watch. If the wheel stopped at a number, every winner is immediately paid and if it stopped at a bonus, the bonus is paid. The next game starts.

Note that crazy time has three different bonuses:

Coin flip – The coin has two sides: a red and a blue one. Each will have a multiplier value assigned to it. Pick one of the two colors.

Cash hunt – the screen shows full of multipliers before they are transformed into colorful symbols. The icons are then shuffled, hiding the exact location of the multipliers. Evolution let you pick a multiplier in the most fashion possible.

Pachinko game  Evolution’s release will randomly pick what tile to drop the ball from. The ball does not travel straight down. Instead, it bounces left and right, so there’s no guarantee which prizes you will win.


Money Wheel, which is one of the online table games, has an advantage over its counterparts in that game developers are free to play around with mechanics to present you a new experience without physical challenges. The format of the money wheel is easy to see and it gives you a choice of seven symbols to pick from on which the wheel can stop thus lowering its overall irregularities.


Have you ever watched a game show called Wheel of Fortune and thought to yourself “I know”? Now, here you have the opportunity to spin the wheel, choose the character, and see how far you can go. In the Wheel of Fortune game, you need a combination of luck and skill as you try to collect more wheel dollars and win.

Each version of the Wheel of Fortune game has different puzzles in the categories of Sem, Name, Before and After, On Menu, Around the House, and more. Wheel of Fortune is a great game to entertain the family and you have only seen on TV. Look at the Wheel of Fortune and see how good you are.

Super wheel Casino Game

Play and Win in Money Wheel

If you are looking for simple, quick entertainment at land-based casinos, there are some better options than the family of “Big Wheel” games. These are not the most popular choice at any resort, but you will prefer at least one on each gaming floor. They usually have the lowest betting limits in casinos, which often allow them to play with cash and stand out as the most common table gaming experience available to large market players.

Although online gambling sites offer a wide variety of game options for players of all levels, the cycle still finds a place in the collections of many Internet casinos. This example is Super Wheel of Play ‘N Go, a reliable pastime of this classic gambling standby. There are no surprises in this offering, but those who like this type of game will fit the bill.

Play and Win in Money Wheel

The money wheel is a fun and simple game to play that does not require a lot of thinking It is a game of luck. Even so many players enjoy taking a spin on the money wheel. Every game requires tactics and a careful approach and since some people consider the money wheel to be a game of chances, they assume that their winning streak is money wheel tips that can be employed to get yourself on a winning streak per each spin. We have highlighted them for you as follows.

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