Strategy and Tips for Maximizing Slot Machine Paylines

slot machine paylines

Win Big with Slot Machine Paylines: Expert Strategies and Tips at EMPIRE777

Slot Machine Paylines – How many slot machine pay lines should you activate to win real money in online casino Malaysia? What most online gamblers don’t know is that the secret to winning jackpot slot prizes is through the online slot’s paylines.

What is a Payline?

The Payline is a line of winning combinations. If this line shows up in the online slot’s reels, it will win the player a payout or jackpot prize. They’re also called “betting lines” or “winning lines”.

Traditional Slot Machines originally had only one pay line. It’s three symbols in one line on the slot’s three reels.

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They call these “Three-Reel Slot Machines”; they’re the type you’ll see in Las Vegas and Macau Casinos.

  • Horizontal Line of 3 Symbols in 3 Reels

Online Slot Paylines

With the sudden rise of online casinos, online slots have evolved to have many kinds and types of slot games. Before, there were only 3 reels in a slot machine. Now, there are more.

The most common number of pay lines per slot has also increased to 25-30 pay lines. These online slots are called “multi-pay line slots”

Multipayline Slotsonline slots with more than 1 payline

online slot sahara nights yggdrasil casino paylines
Yggdrasil Casino's Online Slot Game "Sahara Nights" has 20 Paylines

Paylines used to be mostly horizontal, now they come in many shapes (vertical, diagonal, zigzag, trapezium, etc.)

How does Slot Machine Paylines Work?

When you play an online slot, you will set your bet amount before you spin. That’s where paylines come in.

Players Bet on the Paylines

Some online slot games allow the player to choose which and how many a number of paylines they want to bet on or “activate”.

If you only bet or activate paylines 1-5, you can only win when those pay lines appear on the reels.

If the other pay lines appear but you didn’t activate them, you won’t win a prize or payout because you didn’t bet on them.

Some online slot games only have “fixed” pay lines.
Fixed Paylines player can’t adjust the number of activated pay lines

So players have to bet on all the slot machine pay lines.

How to Win Real Money Using Slot Machine Paylines?

There are many kinds of online slot games. There are jackpot slots, multi-pay line slots, progressive jackpot slots, and more.

Before you play, understand the online slot game first by reading the game rules and looking at the payout table.

Remember: Some jackpot slot games require players to bet max (bet the maximum amount).

It’s no secret that with multi-pay line slot games, there are more chances of winning.

But the trick to winning online slot jackpots or payout depends on you.

If you’re a player with less money to spend but you still want to win, we suggest you activate all paylines but lessen the amount of bet per line.

For example:

• An online slot has 25 paylines; Player A Bet minimum amount with all 25 paylines

• So if the minimum bet amount is RM0.50 x 25 = 12.5

• Each spin will cost RM12.5 for Player A

• If you bet maximum RM100 x 25 = 2,500

• Each spin will cost a huge RM2,500 for Player B
But both players have an equal chance of winning a jackpot or payout since they bet on all the pay lines available.

But it all still depends on the type of online slot you’re playing at.

If your online slot has high volatility, meaning high risk = high reward, then it’s better to bet a higher amount per pay line.

But online slots with low volatility, meaning low risk = low reward, have better chances of giving low but consistent payouts. 

Note: So check the online slot game’s volatility online first before you’re playing.

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Where can You See the Paylines?

You can view the slot game's paylines in the "Information" button. In some online slots, the menu has the Paytable option. Information also has the symbols, and special game features (bonus, free spins, wild card, etc.)