Using Monkey Thunderbolt to Win at Empire777 Online Casino

Monkey Thunderbolt Demo EMPIRE777 Slot in Malaysia

Mastering Monkey Thunderbolt: Winning Tips for Empire777 Online Casino Malaysia


The Monkey Thunderbolt slot game is an online slot game popular in Malaysia. The theme of this game is all about an old story about the legendary monkeys who were able to get to the top of the world in just a minute. Place your bets on your beloved monkey! You can also wager for runner-up and for monkeys which will finish in third place.

How to play it?

1. To play this monkey thunderbolt game, the best suggestion is to do a start-up deposit of RM 100.

2.  To start betting, you have to start with the winning tip with 3 Big Odd Bets and 3 Small Odd bets.

 Big Odd BettingSmall Odd Betting

3. The alternate way to bet with the winning tip of Monkey Thunderbolt is:
Three times Big Odd Betting then 1 time Small Odd Betting.
**If one of the small Odd has got the winning, you should bet on the Big Odd  3 times again. Repeat this step continuously to get your big win.

4. Do not give up halfway, once you had break it halfway, you need to start over the formula again.


Monkey Thunderbolt

1. The game has a countdown timer and it gives a unique sound if you have less than two 10 seconds on the timer.

2. It is available for both Android and iOS users. It is compatible with any web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This means you can play this game anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.

3. The table seats are unlimited at the gaming table.

4. This game offers players a thrilling Jackpot animation with multiplier awards available per race.

5. Another good thing is players can zoom in to have a close view of the monkeys.

6. You will get to learn some historical facts as well.

7. The complex bet panel allows one player to place multiple bets on a single round of the game.

8. Each game lasts for 2 minutes generally.

9. All players have great chances of winning with the sophisticated betting system available.

10. The various events that bring fun to this game like – when the monkey gets off the rope, and the birds push it down too.

Try your luck now or Try out our Demo Monkey Thunderbolt Game (Go! Monkey) now!

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