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Tip to Win Monkey Thunderbolt (Go!Monkey) Online Casino Malaysia Empire777

Monkey Thunderbolt

918Kiss SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt or Go! Monkey (Pragmatic Play) is a fun skill game where Malaysian gambler can get REAL MONEY!

Tips to Win Monkey Thunderbolt (Go! Monkey)

1. To play this monkey thunderbolt game, the best suggestion is to do start up deposit with RM100

2.  To start betting, you have to start with the winning tip with 3 Big Odd Bet and 3 Small Odd bet .

 Big Odd Betting Small Odd Betting

3. The alternate way to bet with winning tip of Monkey Thunderbolt is:
Three times Big Odd Betting then 1 time Small Odd Betting.
**If one of the small Odd has got the winning, you should bet on the Big Odd  3 times again. Repeat this step continuously to get your big win.

3. Do not give up half way, once you had break it half way, you need to start over the fomula again.

Try your luck now or Try out our Demo Monkey Thunderbolt Game (Go! Monkey) now!!

Where to play this game with Real Money?

Register at EMPIRE777  and Go to Slot Games and Search “Go!Monkey”

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