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Many Chinese also believe in Feng Shui. They believe the world that they are living in is full of CHI(气) or force (positive or negative), which can be manipulated to their advantage on Gambling Luck.

While some Chinese worship feng shui as a rational science, others see it as pure superstition. Still, most people accept it as part of the Chinese culture to boost their luck.

Gambling Luck


Some Chinese use feng shui (e.g. arranging one’s furniture at home) to avoid bad fortune (i.e. keep away negative chi or force) and increase the amount of fortune they get (i.e. bring in positive chi or force). Superstitious Chinese gamblers may sometimes avoid entering a Chinese casino through its main entrance as they believed it is blessed (or cursed) by the feng shui geomancers.

Below is a list outlining just some of the Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos. While many young Chinese today may no longer believe in these do and don’t as they are more studying professional winning tips, they are still being recognized and/or practiced by many.

Decrease in Gambling Luck

• Don’t tell others that you have to read books when they are gambling. In Chinese, a book sounds similar to a loss.

• Don’t count the money that you gain or loss during gambling, it will affect your Luck.

• Avoid seeing nuns or monks before gambling.

• Don’t hit or touch one’s shoulder(s) while he or she is gambling.

• For males, stay far away from sex (or females) before gambling.

• Don’t enter a casino via its main entrance.

• Don’t try to be a winner at the very beginning, or you will lose a lot of money in the end.

• Don’t check into hotel rooms with inauspicious numbers like 4 and 14.


Way of Boosting Gambling Luck

• Wear red underwear or undergarment when gambling to boost Luck.

• Go and piss. It can bring some good Gambling Luck if you have been losing money.

• Females are more likely to win when they are having their period.

• Switch on all the lights at home before you go out to gamble.

• Check into hotel rooms with auspicious numbers like 8, 18, 13, 168, 198, and 798.

• Behind every gaming table is a baby ghost. Feed the ghost (i.e. with sugar) and the ghost can help you to win or will not stop you from winning.

• When playing baccarat, players should call out the word Deng (Cantonese) or Ding (Mandarin) before opening the card(s).

• Pray and/or make an offering to the god(s) before you go for your major casino trip.

• Pray to the god(s) before the day of the lottery draw.

• Pray and/or make offerings to the god(s) when you strike lotteries.

• The winning lottery numbers are out there in the world around you for you to interpret and guess before the actual draw day. For example, your coming wedding date (e.g. 12/11/05) could be the winning lottery number for the next draw.

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