Terms and Conditions of Empire777

terms and conditions


1.1. The following agreement delineates the contractual association between the individual engaging with the platform (hereafter denoted as the ‘User’) and Nugget Projects Inc. (referred to herein as Empire777).

1.2. By accessing any part of our website, www.empire777.com, or any other websites operated by Empire777, whether through television, personal computer, mobile devices, or other communication mediums, to utilize gaming services, including downloadable applications (collectively referred to as the ‘Website’), and/or registering on the website, the User hereby acknowledges their agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions, which encompass (i) procedures for account registration, (ii) all gaming activities and transactions, (iii) our Privacy Policy, and (iv) the Regulations governing the games (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘T&C’).

1.3. Prior to selecting the “ACCEPT” button, it is imperative that the User thoroughly reviews these Terms and Conditions (T&C). Should the User find themselves in disagreement with any aspect of these T&C, it is advised that they refrain from utilizing or further accessing the Website.

1.4. These Terms and Conditions become effective immediately upon the User’s selection of the “ACCEPT” button. Through clicking ‘ACCEPT’, the User acknowledges having reviewed and comprehended the Terms and Conditions, and consents to enter into the contractual agreement with Empire777.

1.5. Empire777 retains the authority to revise, adjust, add, or alter the Terms and Conditions (T&C) governing the relationship between the User and Empire777 at its discretion. Empire777 is committed to making reasonable endeavors to inform Users about any modifications to the T&C. In the event that a User does not agree with the revised terms, they are advised to discontinue using the services and close their account. By continuing to utilize the website after the effective date of the changes, the User implicitly agrees to accept the amended terms.

1.6. Empire777 operates under the regulations enforced by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation.

1.7. These terms and conditions represent a legally binding contract between the User and Empire777.

1.8. If there is any disparity between these Terms and Conditions and the specific terms and conditions pertaining to a particular game, the latter will take precedence. If any element of the game-specific terms and conditions is not explicitly addressed but is included in these Terms and Conditions, it will be considered applicable to the player’s association with Nugget Projects Inc.

1.9 The individual acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions outlined herein, subject to potential revisions made periodically.

1.10. The modifications will take effect immediately upon publication on www.empire777.com. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the Terms and Conditions (T&C) along with the specific Rules for any chosen Game to stay informed about any amendments whenever engaging in gameplay. Users can easily ascertain changes in these T&C by referencing the Version number and date displayed on this page. Additionally, the company commits to providing advance notice to users before making significant alterations to the terms and conditions. In such instances, users will receive a summary of the changes made.

1.11. Guidelines and clarifications regarding engagement in any of Empire777’s Games, managing the User account with Empire777, Privacy Policy, and other vital details are presented in distinct links on the Website, seamlessly integrated into these T&C by reference.

1.12. Without bias to the aforementioned clause, any mention of Empire777’s Games within this agreement pertains to all games accessible on the Website, subject to availability as determined periodically. Empire777 retains the authority to include or exclude Games from the Website at its sole discretion.

1.13. The Terms and Conditions (T&C) are provided in multiple languages for the convenience and informational benefit of users. However, it is essential to note that the English version holds legal precedence in defining the relationship between the user and Empire777. In situations where there is a variance between a non-English version and the English version of these T&C, the English rendition shall take precedence.


2.1. Creating an account for users and initiating their membership

2.1.1. To engage in any of Empire777’s real-money games, individuals must be at least 18 years old to create an account (“Member Account”) with Empire777.

2.1.2. Residents from the Republic of the Philippines, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Israel are prohibited from registering an account with Empire777.

Empire777 conducts regular screenings of its registrations to detect any irregularities and will promptly and indefinitely suspend the accounts of players from these countries.

It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain the legal status of online gambling in their jurisdiction and to act accordingly. The availability of the Empire777 website in any specific jurisdiction does not imply an offer or invitation by Empire777 to utilize the services provided on the website. Empire777 disclaims any liability for actions taken by players in jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal and/or violates the terms and conditions outlined in this article.

2.1.3. Empire777 retains the authority to designate Payment Solution Providers for the purpose of handling, receiving, and/or disbursing funds on behalf of Empire777.

2.1.4. Users are permitted to possess only a single Member Account on this Website. Any attempt by the User to create multiple Member Accounts may result in the blocking or closure of all such accounts.

2.1.5. If a user discovers they possess multiple Member Accounts registered under various aliases, they are required to promptly inform Empire777.

2.1.6. To initiate the process of opening a Member Account, individuals are required to duly complete the registration form and submit it through Empire777’s online platform. It should be noted that Empire777 retains the prerogative to decline any requests for opening a Member Account at its discretion.

2.1.7. All information provided during registration MUST be accurate. Users are required to input all mandatory information accurately into the registration form, including identity, address, contact details (such as a valid email address), place of residence, and relevant payment information. It is the User’s sole responsibility to ensure that all provided information is truthful, complete, and accurate. Users should be aware that Empire777 conducts verification procedures, either directly or through third parties, for users depositing money. Additional documentation, such as a passport copy, may be requested by Empire777 to verify a user’s identity. Failure to provide requested information or documents, or providing false or misleading information, may result in the blocking or closure of the User’s Member Account.

2.1.8. During registration, users are required to select a unique username and password for accessing the website. It is solely the user’s responsibility to maintain the security of their login credentials. Users are strictly prohibited from sharing their login details with anyone else. Empire777 bears no responsibility for any unauthorized use or exploitation of a user’s account by third parties resulting from the user’s disclosure, whether deliberate or unintentional, active or passive, of their login information to any third party.

2.1.9. Transferring funds from the User’s Member Account to other Users or receiving money from other Users into the User’s Member Account is strictly prohibited.

2.1.10. Users are strictly forbidden from transferring or vending their accounts to any other individual. This restriction encompasses the transfer of any valuable assets, including but not restricted to account ownership, earnings, deposits, wagers, entitlements, and/or interests associated with these assets, whether legal, commercial, or otherwise. Additionally, this prohibition extends to actions such as encumbering, pledging, assigning, utilizing, trading, intermediating, hypothecating, and/or donating in collaboration with a trustee or any third party, whether a corporation, natural person, foundation, or association, in any manner whatsoever.

2.2. Deposits made into the Member Account of the User

2.2.1. The participation of the User in any Game is contingent upon having adequate funds available in the User’s Member Account. It is important to note that Empire777 does not extend any form of credit to the User for participation in any Game.

2.2.2. To access the necessary details for adding funds to the User’s Member Account, kindly refer to the sections labeled “My Account” and “Deposit” on the Website. Users are encouraged to utilize any of the listed methods provided within these sections, subject to periodic updates. It should be noted that certain methods may be restricted in certain regions.

2.2.3. Fees may be applicable depending on the chosen deposit method. For the latest information on deposit fees, please refer to the “My Account” and “Deposits” sections for each respective method. Additionally, users should be aware that their bank may levy separate charges for bank wire transfers and alternative payment methods.

2.2.4. When employing a credit or debit card to deposit funds, the User’s funds are only credited once Empire777 obtains approval and an authorization code from the card’s issuing bank. If Empire777 fails to secure such approval and authorization code, the User’s account will not receive the credited funds.

2.2.5. Empire777 maintains the prerogative to employ supplementary protocols and methods to authenticate the User’s identity during the process of depositing funds into the User’s Member Account.

2.2.6. Empire777 does not provide any acknowledgment for the utilization of its services.

2.2.7. Interest will not be accrued on the balances held within the User’s Member Account.

2.3. Account Administration

2.3.1 Empire777 administers user Member Accounts, overseeing the funds designated for betting activities, referred to as the “Reserved Amount.” Moreover, it regularly monitors users’ “Available to Bet” balance and aids in the resolution of bets among participants in the Games.

2.3.2 The quantity of funds within the User’s Member Account that remain unallocated for wagering constitutes the User’s “Available to Bet” balance. This balance is pivotal in establishing the User’s betting threshold.

2.3.3 Empire777’s determinations regarding the User’s “Reserved Amount,” “Available to Bet” balance, and any outstanding amounts owed by the User pursuant to this agreement shall be conclusive. Unless a clear error is evident, these determinations are not open to scrutiny or investigation.

2.3.4 Upon placing a wager on the Empire777 website, Empire777 will retain the stake until the game’s outcome is determined and a winner is declared. Once the bet is placed, it becomes binding, and neither cancellation nor withdrawal of the stake held by Empire777 is permitted.

2.4. Payouts

2.4.1. Upon the conclusion of a Game in which the User engages, or when Empire777 verifies the outcome of a pertinent event and resolves the associated markets, any winnings will be allocated to the User’s Member Account for their utilization.

2.4.2. In the event of an accidental crediting of winnings to a User’s Member Account by Empire777, whether arising from technical glitches, human error, or any other cause, it is imperative to clarify that such funds rightfully belong to Empire777. Consequently, Empire777 reserves the right to reclaim the erroneously credited amount from the User’s Member Account. Should the User have already withdrawn these funds prior to Empire777’s identification of the error, it is essential to note that the User is liable for returning the mistakenly received amount, notwithstanding any other legal remedies that may be pursued. Users are required to promptly inform Empire777 via email upon detecting any instances of incorrect crediting.

2.5. Requests for funds withdrawal from the member’s account of the user

2.5.1. The user has the option to withdraw any funds up to the balance designated as “Available to Bet” in their Member Account by providing Empire777 with a legitimate withdrawal request through the website.

2.5.2. Withdrawal requests must be submitted exclusively through the designated section on the Website. Empire777 strictly prohibits withdrawal requests made via telephone or email. It is imperative that all employees of Empire777 adhere to these guidelines without exception.

2.5.3. Empire777 provides a diverse array of withdrawal options. Depending on the chosen method, withdrawals may be subject to fees. Up-to-date information regarding withdrawal fees can be accessed in the “My Account” section by navigating to “Withdrawals.” Furthermore, users should be aware that their personal bank might impose additional handling charges. It’s important to note that these fees can fluctuate over time.

2.5.4. Empire777 retains the prerogative to handle a User’s withdrawal utilizing the identical method employed by the User for deposit purposes.

2.5.5. Empire777 maintains the prerogative to ask for identification documentation for any withdrawal transactions.

2.5.6. Prior to authorizing any withdrawals, an assessment of the User’s gaming activity will be conducted to identify any abnormal or uncommon patterns. To ensure equitable gameplay, bets with minimal or no risk, including zero or low-margin bets, or hedge betting, will all be classified as irregular gaming in relation to bonus play-through requirements. In the event that Empire777 determines irregular gameplay, Empire777 retains the prerogative to retain any withdrawals and/or seize all accrued winnings and bonuses. Additionally, in instances where a player secures a win solely through free bets without a successful deposit, they must subsequently deposit an amount equivalent to their winnings and fulfill the wagering conditions before being eligible to withdraw funds.

2.5.7. Users are unable to request a withdrawal of their deposited funds until they fulfill both the deposit and bonus wagering requirements. Empire777 retains the authority to decline or nullify any bonuses extended to users, citing reasons such as, but not limited to, user abuse.

2.5.8. In accordance with relevant legislation, Empire777 will transfer funds exclusively to the originating account from which payments were made into the User’s account.

2.5.9.Payout requests via credit or debit cards will exclusively be handled for the card(s) previously utilized for deposits. In instances where the User possesses multiple registered credit or debit cards, the payout will be directed to the card that has seen the highest deposit activity within the preceding 6 months. This process is contingent upon the feasibility of payouts to the designated card, such as the ineligibility for payouts to MasterCard.

2.5.10. Credit and debit card transactions typically require a processing period spanning from three to five business days.

2.5.11. Empire777 never retains complete credit/debit card details and consistently employs encrypted transmission methods to safeguard user security.

2.5.12. Empire777 maintains the authority to adjust credit card/debit limits and/or decline to proceed with any withdrawals/deposits.

2.6 Ending the Membership Account of the User

2.6.1 The account holder retains the option to terminate their account at their discretion, upon which Empire777 will reimburse all funds held within the user’s Member Account, except for applicable withdrawal fees and resolution of any unsettled wagers.

2.6.2 The manner in which repayment is conducted will be determined solely by Empire777, according to their discretion.

2.6.3 Empire777 maintains the authority to terminate the User’s Member Account and reimburse the User’s remaining “Available to Bet” balance, after deducting applicable withdrawal fees, at Empire777’s sole discretion and without any obligation to provide a rationale or advance notification.

2.6.4 In the event that the User fails to access their Member Account online, utilizing their designated “Email Address” and “Password,” for a duration of one (1) year, it is possible that all balances within the User’s account may be subject to removal. This action will be preceded by a notification sent to the email address registered with the account.

2.6.5 Empire777 retains the authority to retain and revoke any bonuses granted to the User in the event that said bonuses remain unused for a period exceeding one month from the date of their issuance.

2.6.6 If a User chooses to utilize bonus funds for playing Games that are not listed among those contributing towards fulfilling the bonus requirement, Empire777 maintains the prerogative to decline withdrawals, deduct bonus funds, and void winnings without prior notification. Empire777 reserves the authority to suspend all accounts of players found exploiting this regulation.


3.1. The User affirms and guarantees that:

3.1.1. The individual accessing this platform is either eighteen (18) years of age or meets the minimum legal age of majority as required by the laws of the jurisdiction they reside in. They must comply with all statutory regulations governing participation in the games available on this website within their respective jurisdiction.

3.1.2. The individual agrees to utilize this website and their member account solely for authentic participation in the games, refraining from engaging in any financial or other transactions. Participation in the games is restricted to personal, non-professional capacity, intended solely for recreational and entertainment purposes.

3.1.3.The participant is expected to engage in the Games independently, representing only themselves and not acting on behalf of any other individual or entity.

3.1.4. The individual affirms that they do not reside in the Republic of the Philippines, the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Israel.

3.1.5. The User affirms that all information provided to Empire777 throughout the duration of this agreement is accurate, comprehensive, and authentic. Furthermore, the User commits to promptly informing Empire777 of any alterations to this information.

3.1.6. The individual is entirely accountable for identifying and fulfilling any gaming tax obligations that pertain to them, as well as remitting them to the appropriate regulatory body in accordance with the pertinent legislation, for any prizes they may receive from Empire777.

3.1.7. The individual affirms that all funds deposited into the Member Account are free from any unlawful origin, ensuring they are not derived from illegal activities or sources.

3.1.8. The participant acknowledges that engaging in the Games entails the possibility of experiencing a loss of funds deposited into the Member Account.

3.1.9. Users are prohibited from engaging in deceitful, collusive, manipulative, or illicit activities concerning their own or others’ involvement in any games. Additionally, they must refrain from employing software-assisted means or hardware devices during gameplay. Empire777 retains the authority to nullify or terminate a member’s account or their participation in a game should such misconduct occur.

3.1.10. When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals into and from the User’s Member Account, it is imperative that the User exclusively utilizes credit cards and other financial instruments that are legitimate and lawfully owned by them.

3.1.11.The proprietary computer software provided by Empire777 belongs to Empire777 or its affiliated third parties and partners, safeguarded by copyright and relevant intellectual property statutes. Users are permitted to utilize the software solely for personal recreational purposes, adhering to all stipulated rules, terms, and conditions, as well as complying with applicable legal requirements.

3.1.12. Games conducted on the website should be approached with the same decorum as those played in any other environment. Users are expected to uphold politeness towards fellow users and refrain from making disrespectful or inappropriate remarks, which encompasses but is not restricted to interactions within chat rooms.

3.1.13 Empire777 maintains the prerogative to retain any withdrawal requests and nullify associated winnings and bonuses upon substantiation of the following instances:

Instances of casino downtime errors or technical malfunctions. While Empire777 endeavors to ensure seamless service, occasional defects may arise. Nevertheless, we commit to promptly rectify any reported issues.

Occurrence of errors in the random number generator utilized in any game or product.

Unusual frequency, magnitude, or pattern of wins and bets made through Empire777’s various betting channels, stemming from manipulation or issues attributable to game providers.

3.2. Inactive and Dormant Accounts

3.2.1. In the event that there are no recorded transactions on the User’s account for a consecutive twelve-month period, the Member Account will be considered inactive. Upon reaching this status, Empire777 will notify the player accordingly during the eleventh month and proceed to deduct a monthly administrative fee of Euro 5.00 from the User’s account. Should the User resume activity on their account after Empire777 has initiated the deduction of the Administrative Fee but before the account becomes dormant, Empire777 will reimburse the charged administrative fees to the User’s account.

To qualify for a refund of administrative fees, the User must engage in gameplay and wager funds on the account, rather than solely logging in. The User should then reach out to customer support for assistance. If the user account remains inactive for a continuous period of 30 months, meaning no logins have occurred within the last 30 months, Empire777 will proceed to close the User’s account.


4.1You have the option to opt out of participating in any games on our website if you so choose. You can: • Establish a maximum wager amount for a specified timeframe; • Establish a limit on potential losses within a specific period; • Set a time limit for your gaming sessions; • Suspend your participation for a defined or undetermined duration.

4.2 To establish boundaries on your gaming activity, it’s necessary to contact your local customer support via email using the address provided on the website www.empire777.com. In your message, clearly state, “I wish to be excluded from www.empire777.com.” Alternatively, you can navigate to www.empire777.com and select the “Responsible Gaming” option. Your self-exclusion will be promptly enacted upon receipt of your request by a customer service representative.

4.3 If you opt for self-exclusion for an unspecified duration, your account will undergo closure, and you will be prohibited from registering again on our Website.

4.4 When establishing your Member Account, you have the option to establish restrictions on your gaming activity. This entails only being able to deposit and engage in play using the predetermined amount allocated for the upcoming seven-day period. It is important to note that you cannot increase your limit within the current week; however, you retain the ability to adjust the maximum wager for the subsequent week.

4.5. If you choose to proceed with self-exclusion through the methods outlined above, you will be unable to reverse this decision for a minimum of seven days. Following this period, you may send an email to the specified address to restore access to our games and reactivate your member account.


5.1. This segment delineates detailed clauses concerning the regulations, terms, and contractual obligations relevant to specific games. These directives are conveniently accessible via a designated link, distinct from the current page. It is imperative to emphasize that these regulations, which can be accessed through the provided link, constitute an integral aspect of the Terms and Conditions. By selecting the ‘ACCEPT’ button on this page, the User expressly acknowledges and consents to adhere to these supplementary regulations.

5.2. Bets placed using currency within 1000x Busta, 100 Bit Dice, and Dice games will not be factored into turnover calculations.


6.1. By accepting this agreement, the User affirms understanding and granting consent to Empire777 for the processing of personal data. This processing is essential for facilitating the User’s access and utilization of the Website, enabling participation in Games, and delivering additional services to the User.

6.2. Empire777 is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of user data and upholding user privacy in compliance with industry standards and relevant legislation.

6.3. Empire777 assures that it will solely utilize the User’s personal information for the purpose of enabling their engagement in the Games and facilitating activities directly associated with their participation in said Games.

6.4. Empire777 will also utilize the User’s personal information to conduct verification procedures pertaining to the User’s engagement in the Games.

6.5. The privacy of the User’s personal information is of utmost importance. Under no circumstances will the User’s personal data be shared with third parties, except when essential for processing the User’s requests, such as facilitating transactions on the User’s Member Account or engaging in Games, conducting verification procedures, or as mandated by law. It’s important to note that certain aspects of the Website’s functioning or operation may be managed by Empire777’s business partners, suppliers, or service providers, and in such cases, personal data may be shared with them. By using the Website, the User acknowledges and agrees to these potential disclosures.

6.6. The individual possesses the entitlement to access their personal information retained by Empire777.

6.7. The user is required to promptly notify Empire777 of any alterations to the information initially provided during registration and the establishment of the user’s Member Account, either by updating their profile or through other appropriate means.

6.8. To ensure optimal service for the User, Empire777 and/or its service providers may find it necessary to transfer the User’s personal data between countries worldwide. The User hereby grants consent for such transfer of their personal data.

6.9. During the handling of the User’s Member Account and related transactions, Empire777 reserves the right to engage with credit rating agencies, fraud detection agencies, and anti-money laundering agencies, which might retain records of the User’s details. By using the services, the User acknowledges and agrees to these potential disclosures.

6.10. To enhance user experience and optimize service on the Websites, Empire777 utilizes cookies, which are small pieces of data sent from the user’s browser. Users have the option to disable cookie collection, though it’s important to consult the browser’s instructions for guidance. It’s worth noting that disabling cookies may limit functionality and overall browsing experience on the Websites.

6.11. By agreeing to these terms, the User allows Empire777 to periodically update them regarding any modifications to the Website, introduce new services, and share promotional offers. Should the User prefer not to receive direct marketing communications, they have the option to opt out of this service. If at any point the User wishes to resume receiving promotional material, they can do so by contacting our support department via email.


7.1. If the User has any questions regarding a transaction, they can reach out to Empire777 at [email protected], providing all relevant details. Representatives from Empire777 will carefully examine any questioned or contested transactions. It should be noted that the determinations made by Empire777 are conclusive and must be adhered to.


8.1. Users assume full responsibility for entering the website and engaging in the games therein. The website and its games are offered without any guarantee, whether explicit or implicit.

8.2. In addition to the foregoing provision, it is important to note that Empire777, along with its directors, employees, partners, and service providers, cannot be held responsible for any losses, costs, expenses, or damages incurred by users, whether they are direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, as a result of their use of the website or participation in the games.

8.2.1. By accepting these terms, the User pledges to absolve Empire777, along with its directors, staff, associates, and service providers, from any financial burden, expenditure, detriment, legal claims, or responsibilities, regardless of their origin, that may occur due to the User’s utilization of the Website or engagement in the Games.


9.1. If any unusual activities concerning any games on the website come to the attention of the user, it is imperative that they promptly notify Empire777.

9.2. Empire777 reserves the right to take actions such as suspending, blocking, or closing the User’s Member Account, and retaining funds, should there be any suspicions of money laundering as per the regulations outlined in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

9.3. If there is any indication of potential money laundering occurring via the Website, it will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities for thorough examination. In such cases, any funds owed to the player may be subject to confiscation by the company or transferred to the relevant authorities.


10.1. If the user violates any terms outlined in these T&C or if Empire777 has valid reasons to believe that the user has violated them, Empire777 retains the authority to suspend or close the member account, retain any funds in the user’s account (including deposits), and utilize said funds to cover any damages owed by the user.

10.2. If Empire777 has reason to believe that the User is involved in unlawful or deceitful actions while utilizing the Website; or violating the terms of this Agreement; or if the User is encountering financial issues or any other circumstances that pose a risk to our business, Empire777 reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User’s account or void any wagers at Empire777’s sole discretion.

10.3. The User acknowledges that Empire777 retains the exclusive authority to determine whether the User has infringed upon Empire777’s regulations, rules, or terms and conditions. As a consequence, Empire777 reserves the right to suspend or permanently prohibit the User from accessing our platform.


11.1. Empire777 holds exclusive ownership rights over the trademark “Empire777” as well as its associated logo. Legal action may be pursued against any unauthorized utilization of the Empire777 trademark or logo.

11.2. The website known as Empire777, accessible via the URL www.empire777.com, is the exclusive property of its owners. Any replication or unauthorized usage of this URL on any other website or digital platform is strictly prohibited without obtaining explicit written consent from the rightful owners beforehand.

11.3. Empire777 rightfully owns or holds licenses for the technology, software, and business systems utilized on this website.

11.4. The information and arrangement of Empire777’s website pages are protected by copyright © and database rights owned by Nugget Projects Inc. All rights are reserved. Empire777 holds the copyright to this website, which includes all text, graphics, code, files, and links. Without written consent from Empire777, the website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, transmitted, or stored. Registration and use of Empire777’s system by the user do not grant any rights to the intellectual property contained within the system.

11.5. Including links to the Website or any of its pages on other websites is prohibited without obtaining prior written consent from Empire777.

11.6. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees to refrain from utilizing any form of automated or manual tool for the purpose of monitoring Empire777 website pages or any associated content. Any unauthorized utilization or reproduction of such content may result in legal prosecution.


12.1  If any clause within these Terms and Conditions is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, said clause will be removed from the document, while all other clauses will remain intact and fully enforceable, without being influenced by such removal.


13.1 Empire777 maintains the prerogative to allocate or lawfully transfer this Agreement. It is prohibited for the User to assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement.


14.1. This document serves as the comprehensive agreement between the User and Empire777 concerning the Website. Except in instances of fraudulent activity, it overrides any previous or concurrent communications, whether conveyed electronically, verbally, or in writing, between the User and Empire777 regarding the Website.

14.2. A hard copy of this agreement and any electronic notifications provided shall be considered acceptable in legal or administrative proceedings concerning or pertaining to this agreement, under the same terms and conditions applicable to other business documents and records initially created and retained in physical form.