Scam Check! Here are the common types of scams in Malaysia

SCAM CHECK! Awareness is the key. Think smartly.

Scam Check! But wait, what? What is a scam? Any fraudulent company or technique that defrauds an unsuspecting person of money or other commodities is referred to as a scam. Online frauds have developed as a result of the Internet’s ability to link the world.

It is frequently your responsibility to help others exercise caution while interacting with others online.


There are different types of scams. But they are all intended for one goal – to steal your money. 

They do this by disclosing some of your personal information, stealing your data, and even tricking you into voluntarily giving them your money. It’s very important to protect yourself from fraudsters. Is there anything you can do so you won’t get scammed? Do you want to know the secrets? Stay on this page. We’ll let you know how. 

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The Macau scam is a sort of telephone fraud that involves a call from a random person. They can pretend to be a representative of the government, police, a bank staff. They can pretend to be anyone just to convince you to trust them. Before making the claim that your account has been compromised or connected to crimes and money laundering operations.

The caller may be able to persuade you by providing your full name or other personal information. Then they will try to convince you that your account has been compromised or linked to crimes and money laundering activities.
During tax season, the scammer may assert that you inaccurately declared your assets or you failed to pay your taxes on time. 
Then, to prevent being put on a  blacklist or preventing your account to be frozen, they will encourage you to make a fund transfer or make that request. 


1. The first thing you should do is to stay calm. Being panicky won’t cause you any good.
2. Next ask them for their identity verification. You can also insist to let them meet you at the police station or any protected public space. Only if you have an instinct to believe their claim.
3. If the caller insists on immediate payment or threatens action, hang up the phone.
4. Do not make any transfers or call any number provided during the phone call.


» The person/message pressures you into making an instant transfer to a specific account “for investigation purposes” or “to avoid legal action”

» The person asks you for personal information such as your debit/credit card number, identification card number, and CVV

BigPay scam

For those who are not familiar with BigPay, it is an AirAsia-owned payment system that enables consumers to make payments using a prepaid card or mobile app. 
Scammers sometimes pretend to be BigPay employees and will request for your personal information and OTP to receive your prize or upgrade your card. 
The organization has issued lots of announcements regarding these kinds of scams. However, the offenders haven’t given up using this technique. 


1. Do not provide any personal information.
2. Block the phone number and report any suspicious activity to BigPay via the in-app chat or email
3. Never share your OTP or login links. Ever!


» The person will call you or message you on What’s App  claiming to be from BigPay

» Your personal information and an OTP that was sent to your phone are requested from you by that person 

» The individual presents you with a crimson, limited-edition, or platinum card in addition to the regular blue card

» If they give free BIG Points (they do give BigPay promos, not free points)

Social media scams

There are various types of Social Media scams. However, the phishing scam is undoubtedly the most widespread scams. 

Phishing is a type of cyberattack where criminals pretend to be reputable businesses or people you know in order to fool you into disclosing critical information. 

These fraudsters will frequently lure you in by telling you that you have won a prize or promotion. After this, they will send you links that could be dangerous and lead to malware, ransomware, or a request for your personal information.


1. Ignore or delete suspicious emails and messages.
2. Do not click on any links or provide any personal information
3. Block and report fake social media accounts to alert the respective platforms and relevant parties of suspicious behavior.


» The sender is using a personal email address, a misspelled name, or an email address with additional space characters such as an underscore, hyphen, or period

» The email, message, text, or promotional content contains a suspicious or shortened link

» On social media, scam accounts are usually private, unverified (no blue tick), and/or are not followed by the official account that they claim to be affiliated with

Employment scams

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Sadly, some scammers take advantage of people who are desperate to look for a job. 

Due to the pandemic’s higher unemployment rates, these scammers frequently post advertisements for jobs on social media, job boards, or WhatsApp messages with good pay packages but only limited information about the job scope.


1. Do a background check on both the employer and recruiter. Check if they have a reputable website, professional references, reviews, or social media  presence.
2. If the offer comes from a reputable organization, check if the recruiter who has offered you the job is legitimately associated with the company.
3. Don’t pursue the job offer if something doesn’t add up (it’s unlikely to exist in the first place).
4. Ignore further requests or block or report the contact immediately.


» The ‘employer’ requests for money remittance before the job interview or confirmation of the job offer

» The job advertisement offers high pay for little work (compared to standard market rates)

» The job description is vague, poorly written, or very unprofessional

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1. Always perform background checks

Don’t let scammers convince you even if they claim to be a government official, a business, or bank representative. 

Stay calm and vigilant. Don’t let them fool you or jump into rash decisions. Ask questions to verify their identity and perform your due diligence to check with the relevant channels before taking any action.

2.  Never provide personal information over text, call, or email

Legitimate companies, organization, and government agents will never request for your personal information through text, phone calls, through text, phone calls, or email. 

Share no private information via these means. Never share your OTP.

3. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is a SCAM

As much as we’d all like to strike the lottery, win attractive prizes, or find the love of our life, it’s always safer to be cautious. 
Whenever an exciting offer comes your way, pause and remember: you can’t win a contest you’ve never joined; you shouldn’t give money you don’t have in order to “earn more”; and you should never blindly trust strangers you’ve never met.