Roulette Wheel : Hottest game on Empire777: Gold Bar Roulette

EMPIRE777 evolution-golden-bar-roulette

Roulette Wheel – Evolution has released an updated version of Gold Bar Roulette. This game is exciting and even suitable for your high rollers. 
They innovated the game, and unquestionably, it will gain popularity quickly. Surprisingly, Evolution lets the players choose where to put the Gold Bar 88x win multipliers. You’ll be winning gold bars every time you will be winning on a straight-up number. Did you know that a single gold bar is worth 88x?

What exactly is Gold Bar Roulette?

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette has an RTP of 97.10%. This incredible roulette wheel has gold bars stacked from floor to ceiling. It is displayed in a gold bullion vault. The wheel used is a European single zero Auto roulette wheel. All bet types will adapt to convert Straight-up bets.
A full range of betting options and statistics on this roulette is also available.

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How to play Gold Bar Roulette? 

You can’t purchase the gold bars…you have to win them! Each game round, the Presenter will open one of the 4 Gold bar lockers, revealing between one to twenty gold bars.

Each gold bar has a multiplier of 88x and a value equal to the bet made to win it. Players can also win gold bars if:

1. There is a chip on a straight-up winning number. There is also a gold bar on the straight-up winning number.

2. It will get added to the player’s gold balance. All gold bars obviously have the same value and the average and they will also display in the sum of gold bars won.

3. Select your chip size and make your inside or outside bets. Once the timer expires, the dealer will spin the wheel. The dealer will also reveal several gold bars that you can win for a single number inside the bet.

If you make a successful single number bet, then you will receive gold bars.

4. Gold bars can be used instead of chips to make a single number bet and award 88x the total win when successful.

5. All other successful bets are returned as winnings and the round restarts.

Strategy for Winning the Gold Bars

You win Gold bars by having a bet on a straight-up winning number. As long as you get the winning number, you’ll win Gold Bars. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Placing a bet on all Straight-up numbers will guarantee you’ll win some Gold Bars and get a 19:1 return. However, this will cost you 16 units.

2. Place a bet on every straight-up number. If you do, you will win 2 units and gold bars. In short, if you don’t, you will lose 18 units.

3. Bet on every 3rd number. If you do, you have a high chance to get your return and your gold bars. Basically, if you don’t, losing will cost you 12 units.