Online Slot Game Malaysia | Scary Zombies on Empire777!

Online Slot Game Malaysia – The Zombies will be coming for you! They are going to eat your brains. Are you going to run for your life or spin the reels so you can hit the jackpot before the end of the world? Well, the Zombies will not be taking it easy. So decide now if you’re willing to risk your life for a 20,000x maximum win. The only downside is you have 2,048 ways to do it.

Join the harsh world of the Zombie aPOPalypse. Unfortunate survivors must escape the horrible epidemic of the dead. With the Multipop mechanism, watch how the Zombies grow larger as the multiplier on the symbol expands. As the multiplier zombie virus grows stronger, the multiplier remains. It will be between rounds during the bonus round. Fill the board with multipliers to earn more bonus points.

Online Slot Game Malaysia: USE YOUR BRAINS!

RELEASE DATE:29 September 2022
MIN/ MAX BET:MYR 1.25 – MYR 125

You need to be alert at all times if you want to make it through the post-apocalyptic nightmare and win money on the reels. There are 40 pay lines in all and 5 reels. There are many opportunities to win while the zombies are spinning around. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you need to have a lot of pay lines. However, this means that your total stake will also go up. 


On the other hand, onscreen choices mean fewer options for pay lines. You can decrease the coin value as an alternative to reducing the number of pay lines. This indicates that your chances of winning will not change. You will only receive a lower payoff.


The Auto Spin option completes the control panel’s features by letting you relax and keep an eye on the brain-eating zombies while still playing for prizes.

Zombie APOPalypse Slot Features

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The symbols in a successful combination are automatically replaced by new ones. It is the same with the cascading reels in Megaways Slots. Additionally, the multiplier for these new symbols is linked to the cell. The exciting part? It can be as high as 5x!

Infectious Multiplier

If you manage to achieve a 5x multiplier on any cell, all cells between 4 and 12 will become “infected” by the multiplier and be improved by one.

Free Spins

You will receive 10, 12, or 15 free spins if you land on 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. These are represented by the brains symbol. Five reels and five rows make up the extended grid on which these are paid. It can bring a total amount of an amazing 6,250 pay lines!

Gamble Wheel

The game allows you to wager free spins before starting the bonus round. This will help you increase your chances of winnings. Be careful though. If you lose at this, it will forfeit all your bonus spins. Sign up now to play the best Online Slot Game Malaysia!