The Munchies Big Win Slot Online Casino Malaysia

big win slot online casino malaysia

The munchies is a 25-line, 5-reel video slot game with an interactive multi-cascade feature and a free spin feature that expands the payout of the cascades with big win slot features.

This fun and original video game offer an interactive multi-cascade feature in which the player can place a plate on one of the 15 locations on the 3×5 reels. If any of the “Munchies” symbols lands on the plate, it will trigger all other identical Munchies characters to eat up any food symbols in their row, winning extra credit awards as a BIG WIN SLOT. The foods eaten by Munchies will disappear, and the symbols above will cascade down to fill the empty spaces.

The world of candy and snacks is a strange and mysterious place, with cupcakes, doughnuts, and pizzas on the menu, will anything satiate the hunger of these gluttonous Munchies?

We’re The Munchies: food-eating food! These goofy-faced creatures will eat everything around them for some big fat wins! Munchies will make you win voraciously!

Three or more Scatters pay double, triggering the Free Spin Feature awarding up to 50 spins. During the bonus free spin feature, random credit awards for the foods eaten by the Munchies will be chosen from 2, 4, 6, 10, and 20. For each free game, all the wins will be multiplied by the Free Spins Multiplier. This multiplier will begin at 2 for each spin and increase by 1 for each cascade.

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The Cutie Munchies: Big Win Slot

We are The Munchies! We just consume food. For some huge, fat wins, these silly beasts will eat anything that will come their way. 

Munchies clean plates. They disclose a buffet of game features. This includes changing reels, awarding credits, and creating a continually shifting game. These include gooey pizza and delicious donuts. 
Food cravings will lead you to victory! This entertaining and unique slot game offers a multi-cascade interactive where the player can set a plate on one of the 15 spots on the 35 reels.  

Anytime, one of the Munchies figures will begin to consume any food symbols in their rows and receive bonus points. Munchies’ meals will disappear. Then, the symbols will drop to fill the empty spaces.

Feed the Munchies to Win

Let’s explore how. In the Munchies, you can feed the animals and receive rewards for doing so. 
Munchies – there are 4 kinds of them. You will be given the option to put the plate wherever on the game board before the first spin.
If one of the Munchies land on the plate, all matching Munchies on the reels will eat every snack in their rows. It will award them cash prizes for each snack that is consumed. 

Munchies can’t eat Wilds and other Munchies. The voids will be filled with new icons when they fall down. Then, the process will be repeated. As long as there is a Munchie on the plate, the feature will remain active.
Wilds – this icon can be the replacement of any other image except for the Logo. And it can’t trigger the Munchies feature.
Logo – You can play 10, 20, or 50 Free Spins. Only if 3, 4, or 5 logos show up in a view accordingly. In the Free Spin mode, the Munchies feature’s winning is bigger!

Pick your Plate

You must decide where on the reels to set your plate. This triggers a unique square. If a Munchie lands there, all the Munchies on the reels will consume all the food in their rows in the same manner as the plate Munchies. Up to 10x  multipliers are available for the food snacks that you will consume.

When the foods are consumed, they will disappear. It will be replaced by fresh symbols that will drop from the ceiling. In case the Munchies stay on the plate, the same cycle repeats itself and more food will be consumed by the Munchies until no more snack food is available. A new Munchie will be added to the plate to restart the feature. 

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