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monopoly go free dice

Want to dominate Monopoly Go free dice without spending a dime? This guide will show you how to score free Dice Rolls, the lifeblood of the game. From daily logins to clever online tricks, learn how to maximize your rolls and become a Monopoly Go master!

Free Fun: How to Get Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

Monopoly Go, the mobile version of the classic game, lets you buy properties, build houses, and battle it out with friends online. But just like the board game, you need dice rolls to move around the board. Here’s how to get more dice for free and keep the Monopoly fun rolling!

The Dice Roll Dilemma

In Monopoly Go, dice rolls are your key to moving around the board. You’ll need them to buy properties, build houses, and ultimately win the game. But unlike the physical dice, these digital ones can run out!

Free Dice monopoly go to the Rescue!

Here’s the good news: there are ways to get more dice rolls without spending real money.

Daily Login Bonus

Just for logging in every day, Monopoly Go rewards you with free dice rolls.

Game Progress: As you play and complete tasks in the game, you’ll earn more dice rolls.

Events: Keep an eye out for special events in the game that offer dice rolls as prizes.

The coolest way to get free dice rolls is by using Monopoly Go Dice Links. These special links are shared daily on the game’s official Instagram account (and sometimes Facebook). Clicking on these links will give you free dice rolls without needing to spend any money! So, be sure to follow their social media pages to grab these freebies.

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links Today (March – April)

Here are the latest free kredit tanpa deposit dice monopoly go link from March to April 2024.

Dice Links Date
25 x Dice Rolls April 1 – April 8
25 x Dice Rolls April 1 – April 4
25 x Dice Rolls March 31 – April 3
25 x Dice Rolls March 31 – April 2
25 x Dice Rolls March 31 – April 2
25 x Dice Rolls March 31 – April 2
25 x Dice Rolls March 31 – April 3
25 x Dice Rolls March 30 – April 2
25 x Dice Rolls March 30 – April 2


How to Redeem Dice Links in Monopoly GO

To redeem the Dice Links in Monopoly GO and claim your free Dice Rolls, follow these straightforward steps:

Access the Link on Your Phone: Begin by opening the Dice Link provided either on your phone’s web browser or through a social media platform where it was shared. You can easily do this by tapping on the link directly from your device.

Launch the Monopoly GO App

Once you’ve opened the link, it will automatically prompt your device to launch the Monopoly GO app if it’s already installed. If not, you’ll be directed to download it from the respective app store before proceeding.

Claim Your Free Dice Rolls

After the Monopoly GO app is opened, you’ll be directed to the designated page where you can collect your free Dice Rolls. Simply locate and tap the ‘Collect’ button, and the specified number of Dice Rolls will be added to your in-game inventory instantly.

Enjoy Your Rewards

With your newly acquired Dice Rolls, you can now continue your Monopoly GO journey with enhanced gameplay opportunities. Whether it’s acquiring properties, engaging in strategic trades, or participating in multiplayer competitions, these additional Dice Rolls will aid you in your quest for virtual domination.

By following these Monopoly Go Dice steps, you can effortlessly redeem the provided Dice Links and maximize your enjoyment of the Monopoly GO experience without spending real money.

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Struggling with Monopoly Go Dice Links?

Encountering issues while trying to claim a Monopoly Go free dice links? Here’s what you need to know to troubleshoot:

1. “Reward Already Claimed” Message

  • If you receive a message stating, “This reward has already been claimed,” it indicates that you’ve previously redeemed the Dice Link. Each link can only be redeemed once per Monopoly Go account.
  • Keep in mind that Dice Links have limited redemption opportunities, so if you’ve already claimed it, you won’t be able to do so again.

2. “Reward Cannot be Claimed” Message

  • Seeing a message saying, “This reward cannot be claimed,” suggests that the Dice Link has expired. These links have a limited lifespan, and once they expire, they become invalid for redemption.
  • However, don’t lose hope! Stay vigilant as we frequently update our page with fresh links and remove expired ones to ensure you have access to active rewards.

3. Troubleshooting Opening Dice Links

  • If the Dice Link doesn’t open the Monopoly Go app, compatibility issues might arise, especially on Android devices.
  • Typically, clicking a link in your browser should prompt a pop-up menu asking you to “open in another app.” If this doesn’t happen the link opens in a separate tab instead:
  • Try refreshing the page to see if the pop-up menu appears.
  • Attempt clicking the link again to trigger the menu.
  • If still unsuccessful, ensure the Monopoly Go app is running in the background. Then, return to the link and try clicking it again to see if it resolves the issue.

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Strategies for Finding Monopoly Go Free Dice

Ready to rule the Monopoly Go free dice world? Even if you’re a board game newbie, these tips will turn you into a rent-collecting pro!

Trading Tricks

Bargaining is key! Learn to make deals that benefit everyone. Try to get properties that players land on often so you can charge them more rent later.

Property Picks

Not all properties are created equal. Aim for ones that players are likely to land on a lot. These will be your money-makers!

Know Your Property Worth

Location is everything, just like real life! Think about how a property’s spot on the board and the chance of landing on it affect how much rent you can charge.

Building a Color Monopoly

Properties are grouped by colors. Owning all the properties in a color group lets you charge way more rent whenever someone lands on them. Focus on collecting entire color groups to become a rent-collecting champion!

Patience is a Virtue

Timing is important! Think about how much money you have and what’s happening on the board before you buy or upgrade properties. Sometimes, waiting for the right moment is the best strategy.


Monopoly Go free dice offers players a captivating digital rendition of the iconic board game, blending traditional gameplay with modern features and online multiplayer functionality. While Dice Rolls at serve as a vital in-game currency, players have various avenues to acquire them for free at EMPIRE777 Malaysia Online Casino platform, ranging from daily login bonuses to participating in special events.

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