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MONOPOLY Big Baller at EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia is a thrilling live game show that merges the classic MONOPOLY board game with bingo-style excitement. Players can win big with unique features like the “Five Rolls” bonus, multipliers, and impressive payouts. This game has seen record-breaking wins, making it a favorite among players seeking both fun and substantial rewards. Jump with this colorful ride and explore how you can join the excitement and potentially score big prizes at EMPIRE777.


MONOPOLY Big Baller, the exciting live game show that combines the classic board game with bingo-style thrills, has seen its fair share of lucky players walk away with impressive wins. But none quite as impressive as the record-breaking feat achieved on May 16th, 2024.

On that fateful day, a player managed to secure a staggering 615X their original bet! This incredible win came thanks to the game’s signature “Five Rolls” feature, where players have the chance to rack up multipliers and complete winning lines on their cards.

This monumental win wasn’t the only time fortune smiled upon MONOPOLY Big Baller players. Just a year prior, on May 10th, 2023, another lucky group managed to snag a hefty 593X their bet, once again utilizing the potent power of Five Rolls.

But the winning streak didn’t stop there. More recently, on May 28th, 2024, another set of players proved their game mettle by securing a 585X win, solidifying Five Rolls as the go-to strategy for those seeking big payouts.


What is MONOPOLY Big Baller?

MONOPOLY Big Baller is a fun game like bingo but with FAMOUS GAME Monopoly!  Instead of a board, you play on a special card with numbers. Balls with numbers get picked, and you mark them off on your card. Get a line of numbers and you win!  This game can be even more exciting because:

  • You can get special things called “multipliers” that make you win more money.
  • If you get lucky, you can play a bonus game with Mr. Monopoly on a fancy 3D -board and win even bigger prizes!

How to Play MONOPOLY Big Baller Online

MONOPOLY Big Baller is a fun and exciting game that combines elements of bingo with the classic theme. Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

monopoly big baller gameplay

Betting Time

The game begins with 12 seconds for placing your bets. During this time, you need to decide:

How many bingo cards to play: You can choose up to four cards.

Whether to play bonus round cards: You have the option to include bonus cards in your game.

Choosing Your Cards

You can mix and match the types of cards you play. There are two types:

Free Space cards: These cards have a ‘free space’ in the center, which acts as a drawn number, making it easier to complete a line.

Chance cards: These cards have a multiplier in the center, which can increase your winnings if a number in that line is drawn.

After choosing your cards, select your bet amount and place your bet on the cards you wish to play.

Game Setup

Once the betting time ends, Mr. Monopoly will pull a lever. This adds random multipliers and free spaces to your cards.

Free Space cards: The center cell is a free space, increasing the odds of making a line.

Chance cards: The center cell has a guaranteed multiplier. Additional free spaces may be added later.

Understanding Multipliers

There are three types of multipliers in Chance cards:

Standard Multiplier: Multiplies the payout on any line containing this number.

Line Multiplier: Pays out if you win the line with this number.

Global Multiplier: Multiplies any winning line on the card, even if the line does not contain the multiplier.

Drawing Balls

The bingo ball machine will then start, selecting 20 balls from a total of 60. The drawn balls are displayed on your screen, showing which numbers match your cards.

Red balls: These numbers match one or more numbers on your cards.

Grey balls: These numbers do not match any numbers on your cards.


To win, you need to complete one or more lines on your card. If you do, the bet on that card wins!

MONOPOLY  Big Baller combines the fun of bingo with the excitement of famous game, making it a unique and enjoyable game for all players.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Board Guide

monopoly big baller board guide

The MONOPOLY Big Baller board looks like a regular board game but with a special feature: each property has a multiplier that can increase your winnings. At the start of the Bonus Game, houses and hotels are randomly built on some properties, boosting their multipliers. When you roll the dice, Mr. Monopoly moves the corresponding number of spaces. Your total Bonus Game winnings are shown and added to your Bonus win.

Special Spaces and Rules

If Mr. Monopoly lands on Chance or Community Chest, you can either win a random cash prize or have to pay a fee. Landing on ‘Go to Jail’ moves him to the jail space, and you need to roll a double to get out.

Being in jail doesn’t affect your previous Bonus winnings, and rolling a double during the Bonus Game gives you an extra roll. Income Tax and Supertax can reduce your Bonus winnings by 10% and 20% respectively if you have enough winnings to cover the tax.

When Mr. Monopoly passes ‘GO,’ all prizes on the board are doubled. The Bonus Game ends when no more rolls are left, and all your Bonus winnings, along with any Bingo game winnings, are paid out.

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MONOPOLY Game Bonus Round

monopoly big baller bonus round

The bonus rounds in MONOPOLY Big Baller are where you can win big multipliers. Ideally, you want to enter the bonus round with a multiplier. The bonus rounds in this game are similar to those in Dream Catcher, but here, the “Rolls” are increased to three and five. Each bonus round is played the same way, with the only difference being the number of “Rolls” performed. Both the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds can be triggered at the same time, with one following the other if you win both during the main game.

Triggering the Bonus Round

To participate in the Bonus Game, you need to place a bet on ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’. After the betting time is over, random free spaces may land on the ‘3 Rolls’ and ‘5 Rolls’ numbers. If all the numbers for either bet spot are drawn (three unique numbers for ‘3 Rolls’ and four unique numbers for ‘5 Rolls’), the Bonus Game will start right after all 20 numbers are drawn.

The Bonus Game is played with two dice. If all the numbers for a ‘3 Rolls’ card are drawn, the dice will be rolled three times. If all the numbers for a ‘5 Rolls’ card are drawn, the dice will be rolled five times. If you win both Bonus Game cards, two separate Bonus Games will be played one after the other.

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MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Payouts

Payouts in MONOPOLY Big Baller are simple to understand. You place your bets on a card, not an individual line, and you receive payouts for winning lines on that card.


Free Space Card: Pays 2 – 39:1 per line
Chance Card: Pays 2 – 199:1 per line
3 Rolls: MONOPOLY Bonus Game
5 Rolls: MONOPOLY Bonus Game

The payout amount depends on any active multipliers on the whole card, a line, or a number. Multiple multipliers can increase line payouts, but there is a limit.

Minimum Line Payout: 2x your bet on either card

Maximum Free Space Card Payout: 39:1

Maximum Chance Card Payout: 199:1

3 Rolls and 5 Rolls Payout Cap: £$€500,000

A card multiplier boosts any wins by 2x or 3x. A line multiplier boosts the win for that line by 20x or 50x. If a number with a multiplier is part of a winning line, it boosts the payout for that line by 10x or 20x. This structure makes it easy to see how much you can win and how multipliers can enhance your payouts.

How to Register and Deposit Funds to Play MONOPOLY Big Baller at EMPIRE777

Ready to try your luck on MONOPOLY Big Baller? Here’s what you need to know about registering and depositing funds at EMPIRE777:

Step 1

Register EMPIRE777 account, follow the next prompt then locate > Payment  Method for Deposit and Withdrawal

Step 2

Choose your preferred deposit method. EMPIRE777 offers a variety of options including popular currencies like:

  • Thai Baht (THB)
  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Step 3

Make sure you enter the correct PIN or your number to confirm your money transaction.

Step 4

Your money will instantly deposit and withdraw once the notification on your screen.

empire777 slots welcome bonus

Need Help?

EMPIRE777 offers live customer support to assist you with any issues related to MONOPOLY Big Baller, depositing, or withdrawing funds.

Note: While this guide mentions some supported currencies, for a complete list of available payment methods, refer directly to the EMPIRE777 Payment Methods page.


What is the MONOPOLY Big Baller RTP?

The RTP is 96.10% for optimal play.

What is the MONOPOLY Big Baller Bonus Round?

By placing a bet, you can trigger a bonus round with 3 or 5 dice rolls. You move Mr. Monopoly on a Monopoly board with multipliers, collecting prizes that land on.

How many bingo balls are drawn in MONOPOLY Big Baller?

A total of 20 balls are drawn from 60 possible.

Can I play MONOPOLY Big Baller on my phone?

It depends on the casino, but at EMPIRE777, we offer live dealer games including this MONOPOLY Big Baller, which is playable on mobile devices.


MONOPOLY Big Baller offers a unique and exciting gaming experience of bingo elements. With various betting options, multipliers, and bonus rounds, players have multiple opportunities to win big. EMPIRE777 makes it easy to register, deposit funds, and start playing. The game’s straightforward payouts and special features ensure an engaging and rewarding experience for all players.

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