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Experience the thrill of Lucky Lotto at EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia, a dynamic lottery game developed by Pascal Gaming. With an impressive RTP of 94.50%, Lucky Lotto allows unlimited player participation and offers 135 uniquely numbered tickets, each available in six vibrant colors. Players can place bets on specific tickets, colors, or lines, and enjoy the excitement of three winning stages.

Enhance your gaming experience with the Cashback feature, rewarding you with crowns for each win and providing financial relief from losses. Dive into the exciting world of Lucky Lotto and discover a rewarding lottery adventure at EMPIRE777.

Lucky Lotto Game Structure

Lucky Lotto features a total of 135 tickets available for players to bet on during each game round. These tickets are pre-set and displayed to the players during the betting phase, ensuring transparency and fairness in the selection process.

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The tickets are divided into six distinct colors:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow
  • Purple

Each color grouping helps to create a visually engaging experience and allows players to place bets based on ticket colors.


The distribution of these 135 tickets is as follows:

Red, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow: Each of these five colors has 25 tickets.

Purple: There are only 10 purple tickets, making them less common compared to the other colors.

Serial Numbers: Every ticket has a unique serial number, ranging from 1 to 135. This serial number is crucial for identification and betting purposes. When placing bets, players can choose tickets based on these serial numbers, adding an element of strategy to the game.

Ticket Layout

Each ticket in Lucky Lotto is structured into a grid with:

  • 3 Rows
  • 9 Columns

This layout is consistent across all tickets, providing a standardized format that is easy for players to understand and follow.

Numbers: A total of 15 numbers are printed on each ticket. These numbers are distributed evenly across the three rows, with each row containing 5 numbers. The numbers on each ticket are drawn from the range of 1 to 90, ensuring a wide variety of possible combinations.

Column Number Ranges

The numbers on the tickets are arranged in a specific pattern across the nine columns. Each column is designated a particular range of numbers, ensuring that no two columns have overlapping number ranges. This systematic arrangement helps maintain clarity and order in the game. The columns and their respective number ranges are as follows:

1st Column Contains numbers from 1 to 9
2nd Column Contains numbers from 10 to 19
3rd Column Contains numbers from 20 to 29
4th Column Contains numbers from 30 to 39
5th Column Contains numbers from 40 to 49
6th Column Contains numbers from 50 to 59
7th Column Contains numbers from 60 to 69
8th Column Contains numbers from 70 to 79
9th Column Contains numbers from 80 to 90

This structured arrangement ensures that each ticket has a diverse range of numbers, spread across all columns, providing an equal opportunity for all tickets to win as the numbers are drawn.

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Lucky Lotto Game Rounds and Winning Criteria

Lucky Lotto consists of three main stages in each game round, with each stage providing a distinct winning opportunity. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each stage:

First Round: Complete One Row of Numbers

The first stage of the game round focuses on completing a single row on any ticket. As the numbers are drawn randomly from the pool of 1 to 90, players eagerly watch to see if their ticket will complete one row first. Once a ticket completes any one of its three rows (five numbers in a horizontal line), it qualifies as a winner for the first round. The completed row will be highlighted on the ticket to indicate the win.

Second Round: Complete Two Rows of Numbers

The game continues into the second stage, where the objective is to complete two rows on a ticket. Importantly, a ticket that did not win in the first round by completing one row can still compete and win in the second round. This stage requires a ticket to have any two of its three rows fully matched with the drawn numbers. As soon as any ticket achieves this, it is highlighted to show the two completed rows, signifying a second-round win.

Third Round: Complete Three Rows (Full House)

In the final stage of the game round, the goal is to achieve a full house, meaning all three rows on a ticket must be completed. This stage continues drawing numbers until at least one ticket has all 15 numbers matched, covering all three rows. A ticket that did not win in the previous rounds can still win in the third round by completing its three rows during this stage. The fully completed ticket is then highlighted, marking it as the winner of the full house.

Betting Options

Lucky Lotto offers players various betting options, allowing for a range of strategies and preferences. Here are the detailed betting options available:

Bets on Tickets

ticket bets

Players can place bets on specific tickets, predicting that these tickets will win in one of the three stages:

One Line: Betting that the ticket will complete one row first.

Two Lines: Betting that the ticket will complete two rows.

Three Lines: Betting that the ticket will achieve a full house by completing all three rows.

This option requires players to select individual tickets based on their serial numbers and place their bets accordingly.

Bets on Colors

color bets

In this betting type, players predict the outcome based on the color of the tickets. Each color has different win options:

One Line: Predicting that a ticket of a specific color will complete one row first.

Two Lines: Predicting that a ticket of a specific color will complete two rows.

Three Lines: Predicting that a ticket of a specific color will achieve a full house.

Full House: Predicting that a ticket of a specific color will win by completing one, two, and three lines in the same game round.

Specific Numbers Drawn: Predicting that the first five or fifteen numbers drawn will match a line on the ticket of the chosen color.

Additionally, players can bet on a mix, which includes the possibility that tickets of two or more different colors will win in one of the win conditions mentioned above.

Bets on Lines

bet on lines

Players can place bets on specific lines of the tickets, predicting they will match in particular ways:

Match with 1 Line: Predicting that any one line on the ticket will match the drawn numbers.

Match with 2 Lines: Predicting that any two lines on the ticket will match the drawn numbers.

Match with 3 Lines (Full House): Predicting that all three lines on the ticket will match the drawn numbers.

Single Line Match with First 5 Numbers Drawn: Predicting that the first five numbers drawn will match a line on the ticket.

Single Line Match with First 15 Numbers Drawn: Predicting that five out of the first fifteen numbers drawn will match a line on the ticket.

Lucky Lotto Malaysia Winning Mechanics

The mechanics of determining winners in Lucky Lotto are straightforward and rely on the random drawing of balls numbered 1 through 90. Here’s how it works:

Drawing Process: Balls numbered from 1 to 90 are randomly selected by the game program. This process continues until all numbers on at least one ticket are filled.

Highlighting Matches: As each number is drawn, it is checked against the numbers on the players’ tickets. When a drawn number matches a number on a ticket, that number is highlighted.

Winning Confirmation: Tickets are continually checked for completion of one row, two rows, or all three rows (full house). When a ticket meets one of these winning criteria, it is immediately highlighted to indicate a win.

Continuing Rounds: Even after a ticket wins in the first or second rounds, the drawing of numbers continues until the third round objective (full house) is met on at least one ticket.

This systematic and transparent approach ensures that players can clearly see the progress of their tickets and the results of each draw, maintaining excitement and engagement throughout the game round.

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Lucky Lotto New Win for Cashback Feature

The Cashback feature in Lucky Lotto provides an additional layer of excitement and value for players. By participating in the game, players have the opportunity to earn crowns and receive cashback on their losses, making the overall gaming experience more rewarding. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the Cashback feature works:

Crown Accumulation

Winning and Crowns: Each time a player wins in Lucky Lotto, they are awarded a crown. These crowns are not merely decorative but play a crucial role in the cashback system. The number of crowns a player accumulates directly impacts their ability to claim cashback.

Multiple Wins, Multiple Crowns: Players can earn multiple crowns during a single game round if they win more than once. This means that with each winning ticket or bet, an additional crown is awarded, allowing for rapid accumulation.

Cashback Eligibility

Daily Accumulation: The system tracks the crowns earned by each player over a 24-hour period. Accumulating a fixed number of crowns within this time frame qualifies the player for cashback on their losses incurred during that same day.

Fixed Number of Crowns: The exact number of crowns required to trigger the cashback is predefined and communicated to players. This clear target helps players understand how close they are to achieving their cashback eligibility.

Cashback Redemption

Standard Cashback

24-Hour Cycle: At the end of each 24-hour period, if a player has accumulated the requisite number of crowns, they become eligible to receive cashback. This cashback is calculated based on the losses they have incurred during that day.

Cashback Percentage: The percentage of losses returned as cashback is predefined and provides a significant boost to players’ gaming accounts, helping to mitigate their losses and encouraging continued play.

Early Cashback Option

Immediate Redemption: Players also have the option to redeem their cashback before the completion of the 24-hour period. This early cashback option is particularly useful for players who may want immediate relief from their losses without waiting for the full day to end.

Reduced Percentage: It’s important to note that opting for early cashback means receiving a lower percentage of cashback compared to waiting for the full 24-hour period. This trade-off allows for flexibility and caters to different player preferences, whether they prioritize immediate funds or a higher cashback amount.


How many tickets can I bet on?

You can bet on any number of tickets, even all 135.

Can multiple players bet on the same ticket?

Yes, an unlimited number of players can bet on the same ticket.

What colors are available for betting?

Red, green, blue, turquoise, yellow, and purple.


Lucky Lotto at EMPIRE777 offers an engaging and dynamic gaming experience with a variety of betting options and a high RTP of 94.50%. Players can bet on a diverse array of 135 uniquely numbered tickets, each color-coded for ease of selection and strategic betting. The game is structured into three stages, providing multiple opportunities for players to win by completing one row, two rows, or achieving a full house. Whether betting on specific tickets, colors, or lines, players have numerous ways to participate and enjoy the thrill of Lucky Lotto at EMPIRE777.

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