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empire777 bombing fishing

At Empire777, we’re excited to introduce you to Bombing Fishing, an engaging and rewarding game from JILI Gaming. Dive into the underwater world and test your skills in this captivating fishing adventure. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to start playing and winning!

About Bombing Fishing Game

Bombing Fishing, designed by JILI Gaming, is an entertaining cartoon-style game where players shoot at various targets, mainly fish, to win rewards. Unlike typical fish shooting games, Bombing Fishing offers a unique gameplay experience. In this game, players face different-sized targets, with smaller fish offering lower payouts but being easier to hit. Conversely, larger targets yield higher rewards but require more shots to eliminate, which can be costly. Before diving into real-money play at the casino, players have the option to practice in demo mode to get the hang of the game mechanics.

JILI Bombing Fishing Game Features To Look

Special Fish

  1. Drill Bit Lobster:
  • Once shot, the Drill Bullet penetrates through the fish, causing it to explode.
  • Fish killed in the process are summed together as the final multiplier.

Note: In case of disconnection, the current score amount is retained, but the game state is not preserved.

  1. Thunder Consecutive:
  • Lightning Chain and killing the Super Bomb Crab trigger area attacks.
  • There’s a chance to catch fish within the blast radius.

Special Weapon

  1. Golden Bomb:
  • Deducts the bet times 50 to cause a small-scale explosion in the fishing ground.
  • It has the potential to kill any type of fish.
  1. Deep Sea Fish

Use special weapons to kill Deep Sea Fishes for a chance to win Deep Sea Pearls.

The multiplier can go up to 666.


  • Click on Torpedo to switch to the Torpedo launcher.
  • Click on a large fish on the screen to attack.
  • Each shot deducts the bet times 10.

Immortal Boss

When the Immortal Boss appears, players have the opportunity to win prizes continuously until the boss leaves.

  • Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer
  • Multiplier Puffers are Immortal Bosses.
  • Shooting them has a chance to increase their sizes, resulting in higher prizes.

Awaken Boss

  • Killing Ocean Kings can trigger Power-Ups, which offer high multiplier prizes.

Bounty Game

  1. Catch a Bounty Crab to roll a die.
  2. Rolling “BONUS” triggers the Bounty Game.
  3. Players have multiple free laser cannon charges in the Bounty Game.
  4. Catch crabs for huge prizes, up to 1200 times (Joy Hall up to 600 times).
  5. Free Nuclear Bomb (Joy Hall chips games use Golden Bombs)
  6. When the player fires, they accumulate energy.
  7. Once full, they can release a free nuclear bomb to attack in a wide range.
  8. The energy meter uses a bet ratio for conversion, and the release of free Nuclear Bombs is calculated based on the current bet.
  9. The energy clears three minutes after the player leaves or the game is disconnected.
  10. If the energy meter is full for three minutes, the system automatically uses it.
  11. Both the Bombing Fishing Jili game and the Bombing Fishing demo have the same setting.

How to Play Bombing Fishing for Free or Real Money

Learn the ropes of Bombing Fishing with our EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia brief guide. Discover the basics of gameplay, including how to aim, shoot, and strategize your way through this exciting fishing adventure. Get ready to dive into the action and reel in some big wins!

Understand the Targets

Fish come in various sizes and payout values.

Smaller fish are easier to hit but offer lower payouts, while larger fish yield higher rewards but require more shots to eliminate.

Use Your Weaponry

Utilize standard shots, special weapons like the Golden Bomb, and the Torpedo launcher for targeting large fish.

Aim and Shoot

Use your mouse or touchscreen to aim at the fish, then click or tap to shoot.

Pay attention to the movement patterns of the fish and adjust your aim accordingly.

Utilize Special Features

Take advantage of special features like the Golden Bomb and Torpedoes for targeted attacks on larger fish.

Watch Out for Bonus Opportunities

Keep an eye out for bonus features like the Bounty Game, where catching specific crabs can trigger bonus rounds with significant prizes.

JILI Bombing Fishing Game Payout Explained

Bombing Fishing online game payout rates vary for different types of fish and special features, offering a range of rewards based on the difficulty of the target. You see the complete table below, showing how much probability you can win with every type of fish.

Fish Type Payout Range Description
General Fish x2 – x30 The payout ranges from doubling your bet (x2) to increasing it by 30 times (x30).
Golden Fish x35 – x45 Golden Fish offers higher rewards, with payouts ranging from 35 times to 45 times your bet.
Functional Fish
Thunder Consecutive x50 – x70 This feature offers payouts ranging from 50 times to 70 times your bet.
Serial Bomb Crab x60 – x80 Players can earn between 60 times and 80 times their bet by targeting Serial Bomb Crabs.
Drill Bit Lobster x20 – x80 Shooting Drill Bit Lobsters can yield payouts ranging from 20 times to 80 times your bet.
Immortal Boss
Multiplier Puffer x20 – x100 Multiplier Puffers offer varying rewards, from 20 times to 100 times your bet.
Golden Toad x70 – x120 Players can win between 70 times and 120 times their bet by targeting Golden Toads.
Lobster King x90 – x150 Shooting Lobster Kings can yield payouts ranging from 90 times to 150 times your bet.
Awaken Boss
Crystal Crab x80 – x200 Crystal Crabs offer generous rewards, ranging from 80 times to 200 times your bet.
Fortune Turtle x100 – x250 Players can earn between 100 times and 250 times their bet by targeting Fortune Turtles.
Golden Dragon x140 – x350 Golden Dragons offer the highest rewards, with payouts ranging from 140 times to 350 times your bet.



EMPIRE777 Casino Bombing Fishing is an engaging and rewarding game that offers a delightful blend of fish shooting and exciting bonus features. With a variety of fish to catch, special mechanics to master, and the potential for big wins, Bombing Fishing provides hours of fun for casual and seasoned gamers alike. So, dive in and start your underwater adventure today!

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