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Jackpot winner

Online casinos have gained enormously in the previous few years, cause of mobile technology. There has been further growth due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic since individuals stay indoors and play more on online casinos compared to land-based casinos.

It is not every day that you get to win a jackpot in the casinos. But there have already been some really big online casino jackpot winners.

Online casino gambling can be a fun activity, especially if you play progressive jackpot games. Regardless if it is on slots, table games, blackjack, or video poker, many lucky players have been lucky enough to hit pretty large, life-changing amounts and live to narrate their amazing stories.

The excitement of hitting a progressive jackpot-winning symbol combination at slots is typical of the online casino jackpot winner.

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are amounts offered as the top payouts for particular casino games that continue climbing until a player wins. They are available on a wide range of games, but the most well-known ones are tied to slot machines.

They tend to run from small amounts all the way up to millions. Progressive jackpot games are available at online casinos as well as in land-based casinos.

Progressive jackpots build over time until a player wins them, then they reset to a predetermined level and start building again. The way they build is by taking a percentage of every bet made on the game the progressive jackpot is associated with and adding it to the jackpot amount.

How Do You Win A Jackpot?

As games have adapted to the increasingly modern online casino landscape, the triggering of jackpots has changed as well.

Many factors determine whether a jackpot triggers or not. A few jackpots hit at random on any given spin and payout instantly. Others launch a smaller bonus feature at random, which requires further action from the player. These are the types of jackpot bonus game a player can trigger:

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HacksawHop 'n' Pops2**********21Jun 24, 2021USD 4.00USD 50,000.00
Yggdrasil GamingHolmes and the Stolen Stoness2**********01Jun 01, 2021THB 100.00THB 1,486,620.34
Yggdrasil GamingAtlantean Gigarises2**********18Jul 11, 2021MYR 4.00MYR 1,324.07
MicrogamingFortunium Gold Mega Moolahs2**********51Jul 07, 2021MYR 0.75MYR 500.30
Yggdrasil GamingJackpot Raiderss2**********08Jul 06, 2021MYR 2.00MYR 2, 187.84
MicrogamingMega Moolah Goddesss2**********91Jul 03, 2021MYR 6.25MYR 500.75
PragmaticPlayPower of Thor MegaWays Mobiles2**********62Jul 03, 2021MYR 5.60MYR 10,635.24
Yggdrasil GamingLucky Nekos2**********94Jul 03, 2021MYR 1.20MYR 1,474.50
Pragmatic PlayDragon Hot Hold and Spin Mobiles2**********41Jul 02, 2021MYR 0.60MYR 600.12
Pragmatic PlayDragon Hot Hold and Spin Mobiles2**********52Jul 01, 2021MYR 0.60MYR 605.04
Pragmatic PlayTree of Riches Mobiles2**********94Jul 01, 2021MYR 0.60MYR 864.00
Yggdrasil GamingJackpot Raiderss2**********08Jun 30, 2021MYR 5.00MYR 577.44
Pragmatic Play5 Lions MegaWays Mobiles2**********41Jun 30, 2021MYR 1.00MYR 4000.00
Play 'n GORich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead Mobiles2**********29Jun 29, 2021MYR 10.00MYR 11,330.00
iSoftBetRoyale with Cheese MegaWays Mobiles2**********15Jun 26, 2021MYR 1.00MYR 2,334.10
Pragmatic PlayFruit Party Mobiles2**********70Jun 24, 2021MYR 0.80MYR 1,116.24
Push GamingTiki Tumble Mobiles2**********34Jun 24, 2021MYR 1.80MYR 1,950.30
Relax GamingTemple Tumble Megawayss2**********34Jun 24, 2021MYR 1.80MYR 2,024.82
MicrogamingLil Devil Mobiles2**********10Jun 22, 2021MYR 0.50MYR 572.60
Play 'n GOReactoonz Mobiles2**********04Jun 21, 2021MYR 10.00MYR 15,013.5
Play 'n GO3 Clown Monty Mobiles2**********07Jun 21, 2021MYR 2.00MYR 2,865.00
MicrogamingAtlantean Treasures: Mega Moolahs2**********91May 27, 2021MYR 2.50MYR 500.85
Yggdrasil GamingHolmes and the Stolen Stoness2**********22May 09, 2021MYR 2.00MYR 2,040.82
Play 'n GOTemple of Wealths2**********45Apr 05, 2021MYR 2.50MYR 2,266.45
MicrogamingFortunium Gold Mega Moolahs2**********48Mar 23, 2021MYR 10.00MYR 500.15
MicrogamingFortunium Gold Mega Moolahs2**********48Mar 23, 2021MYR 36.00MYR 500.15
MicrogamingFortunium Gold Mega Moolahs2**********81Mar 17, 2021MYR 6.00MYR 500.50

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