What are the Rules of In Between Games Online?

In Between Games Online Rules

What are the Rules of In Between Games Online?

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The Internet is a blessing for us. Whatever it touches gets a new and improved life. That includes the gaming industry. Just because of the internet, we are now using cloud computing for online gaming and have raised the bar of online game entertainment by collaborating with our friends. 

Online gaming has paved the way for creators to create unique games for everyone. And wouldn’t you know it, the gambling industry has also taken advantage of this cloud computing and created many beautiful casino games for us. Some are new and some are old with a new outlook. Today we are going to talk about one of these online casino games. Today we are going to talk about the In-Between game. 


In-between game is a fun casino card game that is played with two players and one dealer. In between the dealer shuffles a deck of cards and draws out two cards. The player has to predict whether the next card’s value will be in between the previously drawn two cards or not. It is a very fun and thrilling game to play. The simplicity between games has been driving people crazy for this type of game.

One of the advantages of In Between game is that your winnings are not entirely dependent on your luck. If you know the card’s value and if you can do some onboard instant calculation, you can easily score a win on each round.


The game In Between online or live is very simple. It is generally played with three persons, the dealer, and the two players. You can play with more than two people but In Between, card game rules are designed for only two players. You will need to make up the rules for more than two players then. But let us not get that complicated and talk about the universal In Between game of two players. Here is how it is played.

The dealer takes a deck of 52 cards and shuffles it with their hands. Now the dealer will pull out two cards and place them on the table. Before pulling out the next card, the dealer will take a fixed amount of chips from the players to make up the pot. Now generally the dealer goes clockwise.

In this case, the first player will be asked to bet or not. If they want to bet, he/ she will have to predict what the next card will be. Not the exact value but whether it will be in between the value of the previous cards or not. After the player chooses a decision, the dealer draws a third card and places it in the middle of the other two cards.

If the player’s bet and the card value did not match, the player loses the money and it goes into the pot. Then we go to the next player and repeat the same procedure of predicting the value of the next card.

In short, if the third card is in between the other two cards, the player wins and gets his/ her money back from the pot. If the card is not in between the two cards, the player loses that round and plays to the pot. In some cases, the third card holds the same value as one of the two cards.

Regardless of which card consists of the same value (the third card is equal to the high-value card or the third card is equal to the low-value card), the player has to pay double the amount he/ she lost.

If you notice something about the game rules, it is that you are given a range each time and have to predict whether the next card will fall in between these two cards in terms of value.

So the farther the values of the previous cards are, the safer it gets to bet and your winning chance increases. But there are some times that the first two drawn cards consist of the same value (For example, the first card is a 9 and the second card is also a 9).

In this case, there is a 0% chance of the next card falling in between them. It is practically impossible as both the high and low-end cards have the same value. In this case, the dealer will pay chips to the pot and draw out two more cards and combine them with the previous card to fix a value.

If the combined value is equal, the previous cards are eliminated from the equation. If that still did not make any change, then the dealer pays the pot again and pulls out two more cards and this goes on until there is a gap between the two cards. Then we follow the rule to execute each round.

Now if you notice something, is that with each round, the pot value gets higher and so does your profit and loss margin. So you must be a maximum burn limit for yourself before things get out of control.


The In-Between game has different variations of both card games online and offline. You can get access to the offline/ live versions in the casinos of your neighborhood. In Between card games online can be accessed in many online casinos. But make sure that they are well-regulated and have a license for random card dispensing. If you want our suggestion on that matter, we would suggest you join EMPIRE777 Casino. But you can try out other casinos as well.

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The In-Between game is very simple and also predictable. But you must know about the in-between card game rules and the math. So here are some tips for you.


Math is the main winning factor in-between the game. You must know how much difference there is between the cards. We would recommend you to bet on cards that have at least a gap of 8 cards in between them.