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EMPIRE777's Dragon Tiger: A Thrilling Game

How to play Dragon Tiger Card Game?

Dragon tiger card game is a version of baccarat, which is actually played with two cards only. To understand the dragon tiger card game, we must have the know-how of baccarat. Baccarat involves two hands playing the game. This involves comparing the cards between two players, which are the banker and the player.

Dragon tiger game involves the same basic principle of baccarat, but it only has two cards dragon and tiger. Thus, it is the simplest yet fastest version of baccarat. And it is very popular with Asian players. It has a deck of all cards, but only two cards are drawn, and then players have to guess about the winning card.

Dragon Tiger Card Game has eight decks of cards. The principles of the dragon tiger casino game are driven by the Baccarat game. But the rules of the dragon tiger game follow the basic Casino War rules. Two hands are playing this game. One is the banker, and the other is the player while the dealer draws the card. Now there are dragons and tigers.

You have to bet on the animal, which will win according to your bet. You bet about an animal getting the higher value or if there will be a tie. The dealer has to reveal two cards facing up. Each card represents for tiger and dragon. The game implies that the king will have the highest value while the ace card has the lowest value. But if the value for both these animals is revealed to be the same, then the game is drawn on a tie.

Rules of Dragon Tiger Card Game:

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Dragon Tiger  Game follows the basic casino war rules, and you must be aware of them to increase your odds of winning this game. The first two rules are very important and simple. These rules are as follows:

• The card order follows an ascending order which is going low to high. This order is because aces are at the lowest in the dragon card casino game. The order of cards is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. It assumes the king at the highest value.

• The result is tied only in the case when the tiger and dragon both have the cards of the same rank.

• The cards are used in eight decks and are dealt from a shoe. Jokers are excluded from these decks.

• The player can place his bet on either animal or suited tie or a simple tie.

• If the face-up is only a single card, the dealer deals it with either animal, tiger, or dragon.

• The card with the highest value in the dragon tiger game wins, and odds are paid in a 1:1 ratio.

• But if there is a tie, then the wager is paid half to the house. But if you had placed your money on a tie, then the odds are the same at 11:1.

• If the cards have equal value in terms of suit and value, then it is a suited tie. You get a return of your half money, or if your bet was on a suited tie, then you get your money in 50:1 in the dragon tiger casino game.

Tips and Tricks to Win Dragon Tiger Card Game:

Dragon tiger card game is easy to win even on online platforms like EMPIRE777. You just need to know certain tricks to win your money easily in the dragon tiger casino game. We are going to tell you about these tricks and tips below here.


  • The counting strategy is the best one. Dragon tiger card game already has a smaller number of cards. Always keep track of sevens and try to avoid drawing these unlucky cards.
  • Another strategy that the player should adopt is of tracking and counting the suits. You can spot the game are dealing with which suits the most. You can track how many suits are already dealt with. Then you need to count how many suits are left in decks. Thus you will be able to figure out which suits are being dealt with the most. And now you should bet on the suit which is played the least.
  • The payout odds for tie and suited tie bet is high, but these bets have a slim chance of winning. Additionally, the edge forties are only 32%, which concludes that only 6,488 out of 86,320 are tied, which means the chances of losing the bet are almost 79,872.
  • The chances of a suited bet are even slimmer, so the chance of loss in the case of a suited bet is the highest.
  • Most people advise making use of the betting system. But the data and results suggest that the chances of winning big money through the use of a betting system are very rare. So it is advised to dodge the betting system.


The best tip we can give you is to trust your gut and be daring to put your money on the bet. You can win only when you take risks.


Dragon tiger casino game is one of the most incredible casino games. Plus, it is even easier to play on online platforms like EMPIRE777. The chances of winning in EMPIRE777 are higher because of the friendly interface. Good luck playing the game!


Dragon tiger game is based on principles dating old back 12,000 years. Dragon tiger casino game follows the Asian tradition of revering animals like dragons and tigers. This tradition narrates these two animals being rivals of others. So the dragon tiger casino game works on the same print. As it is the simplest version of baccarat, so it was also modified during the 20th century when baccarat became popular among gamblers.