A Guide on How to Use Free Credit Online Casino Malaysia

EMPIRE777 Casino's Free Credit Bonus

In the world of online gambling and online casinos, Free Credit is as good as gold. Free Credit is what its name implies: it’s free credit you can use to play casino games. It usually comes in the form of online casino bonuses. You’ll usually see these types of bonuses: “No Deposit Free Credit Bonus”, “Online Free Credit”, “Welcome Bonus Free Credit” and more.

Recently, this is what Malaysian players look for when they’re playing online casino games in 2019. Why? Well, free credit bonuses are really handy for players. It gives them an edge when playing, providing the much needed boost to maximize their total winnings.

What is Free Credit?

Basically, free credit is given to players by top online casinos like EMPIRE777. It’s basically the players’ free ammo that they can use whenever they want to play casino games. They don’t have to use their own money–instead, they can easily use the free credit the online casino gave to them. So it’s basically like playing for free, but the player will still get the chance to bring home real money.

This is a good deal for the players as it is sort of a freebie. It can be applied to any casino game: there’s free spins for slots and even free bets for the other casino games.

Although, of course this comes with conditions players must satisfy first before they can withdraw their winnings.

How to Use Free Credit?

Free Credit Landing Page from EMPIRE777

First, find a good online casino that offers a good Free Credit bonus.

Take for example, EMPIRE777EMPIRE777 Casino offers Free Trial Credit of 30 MYR. 

Simply click the provided link above and register first for an account at EMPIRE777. Make sure you’ll SIGN UP using the link provided, or else you won’t be able to use the Free Credit bonus.

Next, Claim the Bonus. You will get to see the terms and conditions that comes along with the Free Credit Bonus. Players must satisfy certain conditions before they can withdraw the winnings that they got from playing using the Free Credit Bonus.

EMPIRE777's Terms & Conditions for Free Credit Bonus

This bonus is only qualified for new players who have not made any previous successful deposits before. They must make a deposit equal to their balance at the time that they (the player) would like to withdraw. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit is 50 MYR.

Once the player has made the deposit, the wagering requirements will then take into effect. These are the requirements or conditions that players must satisfy so that they can claim the bonus and withdraw their winnings.

The wagering requirement is 8x for Live Casino and Table Games. For slot games, wagering requirement is 30x.

So, for example:

The player wins and wants to withdraw. Her balance is now 100 MYR. Player must make a deposit equal as her previous total balance. So, if her balance was 100 MYR, player must make another 100 MYR deposit.

If the player is to play in either Live Casino or Table Games and their balance is now 100 MYR, and the wagering requirement for those types of casino games is, as said before, 8x (while 15% will be taken as commission):

Deposit MYR 100 + (Bonus MYR 30 x 8) = MYR 340

15% of the total bets will be taken for commission

MYR 10 will be calculated with MYR 1.50 

The total bet amount is MYR 2266.67 

For slots (excluding the Beer Room and other non-slot games):

Deposit MYR 100 + (Bonus MYR 30 x 30) = MYR 1,000
No commssions will be taken
The total bet amount is RM 1,000

Note: If bonuses are used to play slots, the bonus wagering will automatically be adjusted to x30.

What if the Player Uses Up the Free Credit?

But wait. What if the player loses all the bonus money or free credit? They can still make deposits like normal, but of course, the wagering requirement from the Free Credit Bonus will no longer apply.

Gentle reminder as well that EMPIRE777 reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions any time, at its sole discretion. This includes cancelling, modifying or suspending the promotion.

What’s even better, newly signed up players can still claim the 100% Welcome Bonus on their second successful deposit!

So SIGN UP NOW to get both the Free Credit Bonus AND 100% Welcome Bonus!

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