Gin Rummy: Learn the Basics and Get Started at EMPIRE777

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Gin Rummy or simply gin, a modern classic two-player card game variant of rummy is one of the most demanding of all card games today. Below we’ll explain the rules we use on this site. We’ll start by explaining a few basic concepts, and then go over the gameplay and scoring of the game. Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to brush up on the rules, this guide will be your one-stop shop for learning Gin Rummy and getting started with confidence at EMPIRE777!

What is Gin Rummy?

Gin Rummy, often referred to simply as Gin, is a two-player card game that is a variant of the Rummy family. It gained widespread popularity in the mid-20th century as both a social and gambling game and remains one of the most popular two-player card games today.

About Gin Rummy Game

Gin Rummy was created in 1909 by Elwood T. Baker and his son, C. Graham Baker. Initially confined to New York, the game became a national sensation in 1941 when it was adopted by Hollywood celebrities. By 1947, a survey by U.S. playing card manufacturers revealed that as many people had learned Gin Rummy during World War II as had learned Pinochle, Cribbage, Poker, and Bridge combined.

Magician and writer John Scarne suggested that Gin Rummy evolved from 19th-century Whiskey Poker, a game involving the formation of poker combinations, intended to be faster than standard Rummy but less spontaneous than Knock Rummy. However, card game historian David Parlett disputes this, proposing instead that Gin Rummy descended from the older game of Conquian.

Gin Rummy Card Game Rules

Gin Rummy uses a regular deck of cards (52 cards). Kings are highest, then Queens, Jacks, and so on down to Aces (which are low).

The goal is to be the first player to reach a certain score (usually 100 points).

To win, you want to get rid of your “bad” cards (called deadwood). You do this by making “melds” which are either:

  • Sets: Three or four cards of the same rank (like three 8s).
  • Runs: Three or more cards in a row of the same suit (like 3, 4, and 5 of hearts).

Aces can only be low in a run (A, 2, 3 of spades is good, but Queen, King, Ace of Spades is not).

You can make any combination of melds with your cards, all sets, all runs, or a mix of both.


The dealer alternates each round, with the first dealer chosen by mutual agreement. The dealer deals ten cards to each player, one at a time, starting with the opponent. The next card is placed face-up to form the discard pile, and the remaining cards are placed face-down as the stockpile.

How to Play Gin Rummy at EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia

In the first turn when playing gin rummy at EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia, the non-dealer can take the face-up card from the discard pile or pass. If the non-dealer passes, the dealer has the option to take the card or pass. If both pass, the non-dealer must draw from the stockpile.

Players take turns drawing from either the stock pile or the discard pile and discarding one card. The round continues until a player knocks (ends the round by declaring their hand) or only two cards remain in the stockpile, ending the round in a draw. The game ends when a player reaches 100 points.


In standard Gin Rummy, a player can end the round by “knocking” if they have 10 or fewer points in their ungrouped cards (deadwood). If a player knocks with no deadwood, it’s called “going Gin,” and if they knock with some deadwood, it’s called “going down.”

To knock, a player discards a card face down or announces it verbally. They then lay out their hand, showing their groups (melds) and separating any deadwood. The opponent called the defender, shows their melds, and can add their deadwood cards to the knocker’s melds, as long as the knocker didn’t go Gin.

The value of the deadwood cards is counted. Aces are worth 1 point, face cards are 10 points, and other cards are worth their number value. Cards can’t be part of more than one meld. For example, in the set 7♣ 7♠ 7♦ 8♦ 9♦, the 7♦ can either be part of the three 7s or part of the run 7♦ 8♦ 9♦, but not both.

If the knocking player has a meld of three Kings and the defender has the fourth King as deadwood, the defender can add their King to the meld to reduce their deadwood count by 10 points.

Scoring is determined by the difference in deadwood counts:

  • If the knocker has less deadwood, they score the difference.
  • If the defender has an equal or lower count, they undercut the knocker and score the difference plus a bonus (usually 15 points).
  • A player who goes Gin gets a bonus (typically 25 points), and the defender cannot lay off any cards.

Big Gin in Gin Rummy

A player with a complete gin hand can choose to keep playing instead of revealing their hand, aiming for an 11-card Big Gin hand. If they draw a card that can be added to their melds, they declare Big Gin, ending the round. They score a Big Gin bonus (usually 31 points) plus the defender’s deadwood points. The defender cannot lay off any cards.

Gin Rummy Scoring Table

Gin Rummy is a popular two-player card game where players score points by forming melds and minimizing deadwood in their hands. The game’s scoring system includes points for specific card values and various bonuses for achieving certain conditions, such as knocking, going gin, and undercutting. Understanding the scoring rules is essential for strategic play and maximizing one’s score in each round and the overall game.

Scoring Type Points Description
Aces 1 point Aces are worth 1 point each.
Face Cards 10 points Kings, Queens, and Jacks are each worth 10 points.
Number Cards Face value Cards 2-10 are worth their face value.

Bonuses and Penalties

Bonus/Penalty Points Description
Knock Points Difference between hands After knocking and layoffs, the knocking player scores the difference between the two hands.
Gin Bonus 25 points + opponent’s deadwood Going gin (no deadwood) scores a 25-point bonus plus all of the opponent’s deadwood points.
Undercut Bonus 25 points + difference If the defender’s deadwood count is equal to or less than the knocker’s, they score a 25-point bonus plus the difference.
Game Bonus 100 points The first player to reach 100 points (or another agreed-upon total) receives a 100-point bonus.
Line/Box Bonus 25 points per hand won At the game’s end, 25 points are added for each hand a player wins.
Big Gin Bonus 31 points + opponent’s deadwood If a player forms a legal 11-card gin hand, they score 31 points plus all of the opponent’s deadwood points.
Shutout Bonus Double points If a player wins every hand, the points for each hand are doubled before adding the line bonus.
Special Rule Automatic loss In some variations, a player leading by exactly 50 points at the end of a match automatically loses.


Notes on Specific Rules Scoring

Knock Points: If a player knocks with 8 points and the defender has 10 deadwood points after layoffs, the knocking player scores 2 points. Knocking before any cards are accepted is a misdeal.

Gin Bonus: Players who go gin do not allow the opponent to lay off cards.

Undercut: Early rules awarded only 10 points for undercuts and no points for ties.

Big Gin: Some rules award 50 points for Big Gin instead of 31 points.

Gin Rummy Variations To Choose and Play Online

Gin Rummy has several interesting variations, each adding its unique twist to the game. Here are some of the most popular versions explained in simple terms:

Straight Gin

In Straight Gin, the game continues until one player goes gin, meaning they have no deadwood (unmatched cards). Knocking is not allowed in this version. The rules and scoring are the same as standard gin rummy.

Mahjong Gin

Mahjong Gin is similar to Straight Gin, where knocking is not allowed. However, players can take more than one card from the discard pile, but they must use the lowest card taken in their hand. For example, if the discard pile has 8♠, 3♥, 5♥, and 8♠ (top), and you take the bottom card 8♠, you must use it in your hand. Players show their cards, and opponents can add to straights or sets on the table. After a player goes gin, points are added up: 2-9 = 5 points each, 10-K = 10 points each, and A = 15 points. The player who goes gin gets 25 extra points.

Oklahoma Gin

In Oklahoma Gin, the value of the first upcard determines the maximum deadwood points a player can have to knock. If the first upcard is a spade, the hand’s points are doubled. For example, if the first upcard is a 4, you can only knock if you have 4 or fewer points in your hand; if it’s the 4♠, points are doubled for that hand. Players can knock with any card from the discard pile as long as it forms a meld (a set or a run).

In another version, used mostly in match play and Hollywood Gin (explained next), a second deck is used to determine the knock value. The knock value card is dealt from the bottom and turned over on top. Players are dealt ten cards, and the winner of the last hand picks first from the deck.

Hollywood Gin

Hollywood Gin is a scoring style where three games are played simultaneously. The first win is recorded in Game One. The second win is recorded in both Game One and Game Two. The third win is recorded in all three games. Each subsequent win is recorded in all three games. Bonuses are added at the end of each game, and hands are played until all three games are finished. The total score is calculated by adding the scores of all three games.

Tedesco Gin

Tedesco Gin is similar to Oklahoma Gin but with some differences. Aces can be used high or low, and runs can be formed “around the corner” (like K♠ A♠ 2♠). If you have an unmelded ace, it counts as 15 points against you. The scoring system is like Hollywood Gin, with three games played to 200 points for head-to-head or two-person teams. For three-person teams, the game is played to 300 points, with an extra 25 points if all three teammates win. Four-person teams get 50 extra points, and so on. This version is more complex and suitable for all player levels.

Single Match

In a single match, players continue to play rounds until one player reaches 100 points or more. This player wins the match.


In multi-match games, match scores are reset to zero at the start of each match, but game scores accumulate until a predetermined winning score, like 500 points, is reached. Each match ends when one player scores 100 match points. At the end of each match, players’ match scores are added to their game scores. Bonuses include:

  • 25 game points for each round won
  • 100 game points to the winner of the match
  • 100 bonus game points to the match winner if the loser wins no rounds

Gin Rummy Game App

Gin Rummy card game of melds and strategy, can now be enjoyed anywhere with the convenience of EMPIRE777 mobile apps and PC downloads. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to play the perfect Gin Rummy app and sharpen your skills on the go!

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Gin Rummy on Your Mobile Device

With the EMPIRE777 mobile app, you can enjoy a seamless Gin Rummy experience on your smartphone or tablet. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started with downloading the Gin Rummy mobile app from EMPIRE777:

Step 1: Visit EMPIRE777’s Website

Begin by navigating to EMPIRE777’s website using your mobile device’s web browser. You can easily find the site by searching for “EMPIRE777” in your preferred search engine.

Step 2: Access the Mobile App Section

Once you’re on the EMPIRE777 website, look for the section dedicated to mobile apps. This is where you’ll find the option to download the Gin Rummy app specifically designed for mobile devices.

Step 3: Download the App

Within the mobile app section, locate the download link for the Gin Rummy app. Click on the link to initiate the download process. Depending on your device and internet connection speed, the download may take a few moments to complete.

Step 4: Install the App

After the download is finished, follow the prompts to install the Gin Rummy app on your mobile device. This typically involves tapping on the downloaded file and following the on-screen instructions.

Gin Rummy on Your PC

For those who prefer a traditional desktop experience, there are also Gin Rummy games available for PC. These offer similar features to mobile apps, such as single-player mode, difficulty levels, and varying game modes.

Search Online: Use a web search to find EMPIRE777. Look for the official website, “,” to ensure you’re downloading the game from a reliable source.

Download the App: Follow the instructions on the EMPIRE777 website to download the Gin Rummy app for your mobile device or PC. The installation process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Create an Account: If you’re new to EMPIRE777, you’ll need to create an account. This will allow you to save your progress, track your stats, and participate in multiplayer games.

Start Playing: Once the app is installed and your account is set up, you can start playing Gin Rummy. Explore the different game modes, challenge friends, or compete against other players online.

Things to Consider:

Single-player mode: Practice your skills against AI opponents before taking on real players.

Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends or connect with other Gin Rummy enthusiasts online.

Difficulty levels: Adjust the difficulty as you progress, keeping the game challenging and fun.

Tutorials: Learn the ropes with clear and concise tutorials, especially if you’re new to Gin Rummy.

Customization options: Personalize your game with different table designs, card backs, and even sound effects.



Can I play Gin Rummy at EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia?

Yes, EMPIRE777 currently offering Gin Rummy as a casino card game.

Where can I play Gin Rummy online?

There are many Gin Rummy game apps such as EMPIRE777 that are available to download this card game.

Is Gin Rummy a game of chance or skill?

Gin Rummy involves both chance (card draw) and skill (strategy in melding and discarding).

What is the objective of Gin Rummy?

The goal is to be the first player to reach a predetermined score by minimizing deadwood and forming melds.

Is Gin Rummy easy to learn?

The basic rules of Gin Rummy are easy to learn, but mastering strategy takes practice.


Gin Rummy is a strategic and engaging card game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. While you can play Gin Rummy directly at EMPIRE777 Casino Malaysia, this game equips you with the knowledge to explore the world of Gin Rummy and claim suitable bonuses for this card game at our Live Casino Bonus to enjoy your play. Remember, practice makes perfect! So grab your cards (or download an app) and start honing your Gin Rummy skills!