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Gambling Terms Every Casino Player Should Know

casino gambling terms
casino gambling terms

Although top online casinos like EMPIRE777 have taken over the gambling industry by storm, these online gambling platforms still use the very same gambling terms as traditional land-based casinos do.

That’s why it’s handy to know the gambling terms used in gambling and casinos! Not only does it prove that you’ve done your homework, it also saves you from the embarrassment of looking like a newbie player.

So Here are Gambling Terms Every Casino Player Should Know:


Action  – The action is the total amount of money that’s wagered. It’s also a term that can be used to signify that an amount of money is in play.

Adding On – the ability to buy more chips.

Ante – This is a poker term that means the amount of money one needs to pony up to get into the action. You’ll see it in regular poker, Caribbean Stud and other games.

Arm – It’s a way of throwing dice. When the person throws the dice and it hits the far end of the wall, which then results to the desired number, this person is said to have a “Golden Arm”. This is mostly used in a game of Craps.


Baccarat  – The casino game which basically means “zero” and refers to the value of face and 10 cards during play.

Bank Bet – a wager that bets against the player in favor of the bank.

Babies – This is a poker term used to mean slight value cards.

Banker – Another term for the Dealer.

Bankroll – Your bankroll is the amount of money you have to gamble with. It could be an amount of money for the night, a week, a sports season or whatever.

Beard – A player who bets for another player in order to hide their identity.

Beginner’s Luck – These are new gamblers who hit a stroke of luck and are able to win easy streaks.

Betting Limits – The minimum and maximum betting limits as set by the casino.

Betting Right or Wrong – At the Craps table, you are betting right when you’re betting with the dice-a pass line wager. And you’re betting wrong when you’re going against the dice.

Biased Wheel – A Roulette wheel that seems to be favoring one part of itself-ball seems to land in one section a bit more often than other sections.

Blind Bet – This is a bet made without looking at your cards.

Bluff – This is a gaming strategy that tricks players into thinking that their opponent actually has a good hand when in fact, they don’t.

Bookie – The person who allows or permits bet(s) or betting.

Bookmaker – The person who accepts the wagers.

Bone – a Poker term meant a new name for a chip.

Bug – A Joker Card.

Burn Card – This is the first card of a new deck that’s discarded before play begins.


Cage – It’s the cashier’s cage. This is where you cash in your chips, cash checks and so forth.

Case Money – Urgent Money.


Dead man’s hand – Poker term meaning two pair of aces over eights.

Deuce – When you get the number “2” for dice.

Dog – A player who is thought to be weak and is likely to lose.

Dog Player – Gamblers who bet on underdogs.

Draw – In your hand for from the deck.


Face Card – The Jacks, Queens, and Kings of a deck of cards.

Field Bet – In Craps, a field bet is a one-roll wager that wins if the combination of the dice is a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Fish – Gamblers who lose money more than others.

Flat Top – A fixed jackpot amount.

Full House – Cards of the same value with pair, for example, aces and two sixes.


George – A Gambler who tips the dealer.

GOY – Game of the Year.

Greens – Green casino chips valued at $25 each. Dealers, etc will typically talk about chips by their color-greens, blacks, reds, etc.


Hand – The set of cards a player has in a round.

Hit – This term is used in blackjack which means the player will receive another card.

Hole card – In Blackjack, this is the dealer’s card that’s face down on the felt.

House – This refers to the casino’s system, or the casino itself.

House Advantage – This is the difference between the actual (or real) odds and the payout. The house maintains an advantage in all games, but some are way more than others. For instance, the Pass Line wager in Craps has a much smaller house edge than playing Roulette and thus that wager in Craps is better for players over the long run.


Insurance – A bet the dealer offers to the player when playing a game of Blackjack. When the player’s face card is an ace, the player can decide whether he ants to take insurance or not.


Jacks or Better – Whenever you have card that ranks better than a Jack.

Juice – This is the commission casinos take.


Ladderman – This can only be found in Live Casinos. This is the person that oversees the baccarat game from a chair that sits above the table.


Match Play – This is a tournament system in which there are multiple competitors. Play in a pair and the game terminates when one o them acquires the required points.


Natural – A Baccarat term which means the best possible hand which totals 8 or 9 and is dealt immediately.


Pot – This is the place where all the wagers and antes are kept. They are usually held in the middle of the table.

Punto Banco – It’s a term from Baccarat which means Punto = Player, Banco = Banker

Push – Another Baccarat term which means a different name for a tie between the player and the dealer: the player’s stake is returned. So if both got a total of 7, the player doesn’t lose out. Bets on the dealer or player lose, but a tie bet will pay out.


Random Number Generator – Also called the RNG, it’s a computer algorithm that constantly picks random numbers. These numbers are totally random, with no influence from either the player or the casino. RNGs are usually used in slot machines, but they’re also used for table games like Blackjack and Baccarat or Roulette. When you go to play the slot machine, a number is given out randomly. This determines if you win or lose. 

River – The last card dealt in Poker is referred to as “going to the river”.


Showdown – This is when players have to show their cards.

Spinner – A winning streak.


Whale – Players who bet in thousands of money.

Now that you know the proper gambling terms, don’t be afraid to play a game of Blackjack, or even Baccarat or Poker. Know the terms and you’ll dominate the game!

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