free permainan ikan

Ever thrown stones in childhood pointing to trees or something. Or must have tried aiming at fishes and birds which is fascinating. What if your childhood passion becomes your way of earning? Tembak Ikan gives you the opportunity for the same.

Game ikan online provides the users a proper fun gaming experience along with many intriguing features. The players earn coins by shooting the fish. The greater the shot probability, the more will be the coins.

The game ranges from different levels with respective visuals and advantages. You can play tembak ikan for free which is convenient and fun.

How to access the game?

You can play it using your mobile phone. It is easier and less hassle to play.

  1. With much ease it can be accessed through your phones or desktops. 
  2. You need to have an account to play or try the free shooting games that we have.
  3. Once you already have an account, you can play it and win real money at the same time. The money will be directed to the bank account you put in once you register.
  4. You can also enjoy all the levels of Permainan ikan online for free.

Benefits to be enjoyed:

  1. It is a light and fun game for all age groups.
  2. Along with the time engagement, the visuals, and animation used is attractive and soothing.
  3. Some fishes also carry minus points with them.
  4. With the absolute comfort and convenience of your workspace/home space you can play permainan Ikan tembak, supported by both android and iOS.
  5. For the VIP players the rewards are doubled hence providing better levels to the gamers.

About ikan tembak:

Ikan tembak consists of different levels of the game, Under the different levels, there are various sub-levels too which are unlocked on finishing the prior.

The different sub-levels are:

  1. Turtle Welcome
  2. Crab Defection
  3. Ghostly Captain
  4. Mermaid
  5. Ghostly Dungeon
  6. Dragon Emperor

Every sub-part comprises the difficult levels of fish shooting along with the different visual and sound content. There is no way to skip any level until and unless you unlock a difficult level by buying it in exchange for real money.

It is advisory not to buy levels but be engaged in them, by completing the previous levels to earn more coins and gems leading to the unlocking of higher levels. Various themes and categories make it an interesting journey unveiling or unfolding different levels of the game.

You can play ikan tembak games with EMPIRE777 like Fish Catch and Go Gold fishing 360.

Every day when you start with the game you get a ‘lucky slot’ which refers to the number of free coins and gems you get, on rotating it. The free coins act as ‘add-ons’ to the already collected sum on playing ikan tembak.

‘Water God Guide’ refers to the three passes:

  • Elite Pass
  • Epic Pass
  • Legendary Pass

These passes include different offers in them with various early unlocks at affordable prices.

The legendary pass is of the highest esteem, leading to the unlock of complex levels.

Also, ikan tembak has ‘battle grounds’ where you can play extra games in a single day to double the coins and gems.

Jellyfish carries the most points while other fishes might be fish bombs thus leading to a decrement of the coins/points. Auto-shoot helps for a short while when you can’t have the access to the phone else it depends on your direction and way to shoot the fishes.

Since it is suitable for all the age groups; stress-free for adults and fun-oriented for kids, it must be taken the most care while handing the phone to kids with under 18 privacy and all the UPI accounts must be secured with enough privacy so that kids do not get mislead and end up buying gems or coins or unlocking levels, unnecessarily.

Why EMPIRE777 2020?

Slot ranges from video slots, casino slots, fruit ninja, and progressive slots. Casino slots activities place one in the position to earn money without going through the registration process.

One can count various causes to play free casino slot games in 2020. The very reason: – when you take part in free casino slot games, you get loads of fun. Just because there are no cash prizes, it doesn’t mean that every spin won’t be an exciting one.

Online games can be played on any device. Although the most preferable one would be the phone for who does not want the access to light fun games from the ease of our comfort zones!?

A lot of players are syncing their Facebook accounts and phone number with their game accounts leading to a smooth deposit of money for various rewards or levels.

Similarly, ikan tembak players can link their Facebook account with their permainan ikan tembak account which would let them have a stable score and also, they can send the fish shooting challenge to people from their friend list, inviting other people to have an online gala time with them.

With the facility of an e-wallet, you can manage your transactions which helps to pay anytime without running out of cash. Paying through a particular e-wallet at a certain game can also lead you to achieve certain rewards/gems.

Why play free Permainan ikan tembak with EMPIRE777?

Ikan tembak is blooming rapidly among people of all age groups. The mass has been accepting it with much craze. Permainan tembak because of their eye-catching animations, background scores and intriguing levels is continuing to hit the mass.

Hence this light game with immense fun provides a big-time match for your leisure time amidst work and social life. Also, all the pros and extra factors, make this game exceptionally convenient without much mess of payment or relying on the internet speed. With all the ease and convenience, ikan tembak is all set to shoot your free time by letting you shoot fish.