Empire777 Welcomes the Legendary Taka Kato as New Ambassador

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TAKA KATO – Trusted Online Casino Malaysia EMPIRE777 Welcomes the Legendary “Goldfinger” JAV Porn Star Taka Kato as their First Brand Ambassador!

Lucky Goldfinger Meets Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777

Taka Kato is a legendary JAV Porn Actor also known as the “Goldfinger”.

He has starred in over 20,000 JAV (Japanese Adult Videos or Porn), and they even say he started the “SQUIRTING” Category.

jav porn star taka kato

Now the Legendary Goldfinger, Mr. Taka Kato JOINS Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777 as its first-ever Brand Ambassador!

Taka Kato’s lucky Goldfinger brought Pleasure to women and made Mr. Kato rich. And as EMPIRE777’s Brand Ambassador, it will bring the same luck and good fortune to EMPIRE777 players everywhere!

Get to Know the "Goldfinger" Taka Kato

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Taka Kato “Goldfinger” Sex Toy

Taka Kato was born in Japan on May 1, 1959, in the Akita Prefecture.

Fun Facts (Trivia) about Taka Kato:

  • He left Akita at age 29 with only $200 and went to Tokyo
  • His dream job was to do Camera Work for the Film Industry
  • His first job in the Porn Industry wasn’t as an Adult Actor or Porn Actor, it was Assistant Director
  • He didn’t become a JAV Porn Star until he was in his late 20’s!
  • In an interview with Asian Boss, he said he wasn’t good at fingering women and only learned when he was doing porn
  • In his first JAV or Porn Video, he was asked to catch his fellow porn actress’ pee (urine) using a big brandy glass (wine glass)
  • He says he didn’t start the SQUIRTING Category because it already existed before he came into the Japanese Porn Industry
  • “Taka Kato” is not his real name, it’s only a stage/business name
  • He has kids and they are in Los Angeles, California
  • His daughter is a dancer, and he said he doesn’t mind if she wants to be a Porn Star
  • The Mother of his children is also a JAV Porn Star
  • He says the last time he masturbated was when he was 17 years old
  • He wants to tour and give Sex Education to young Japanese Teenagers

Journey to JAV Porn Legend

 taka kato goldfinger commercial 

Taka Kato is very famous in Japan for his lucky “Goldfinger”. His specialty is fingering women until they orgasm! But his signature pose “Goldfinger pose” was only created when he guest-starred in the popular Japanese Series Kisarazu Cats Eye in 2002.

Mr. Kato says he never thought he would get paid and be rich from pleasuring women, but he did! And EMPIRE777 chose him as the perfect Brand Ambassador with his luck and good fortune!

Taka Kato x Trusted Online Casino EMPIRE777

taka kato brand ambassador for empire777

Mr. Kato says he doesn’t like working with people he never met, so his standards for work are high.

But when he met the brilliant team behind EMPIRE777, he only had praise for the online casino and the staff’s dedication to working for an amazing online gambling experience!

In an Interview with EMPIRE777, Kato expresses his admiration for the online casino:

“EMPIRE777 have a very impressive platform, promotions, bonuses and systematic operation that made no wonder why it is known to be Asia’s Top Online Casino and made me very confident to be the first brand ambassador.”

Taka Kato claims that EMPIRE777 is the “best” and a “player-friendly casino” too!

The team behind EMPIRE777 has a “nice working environment” filled with dedicated workers.

This proves that EMPIRE777 is a Trusted Online Casino not just in Malaysia but in the whole of Asia.

Taka Kato the Online Casino Player

Of course, the Legendary Goldfinger tried his luck at playing in EMPIRE777 Casino.

His favorite game in EMPIRE777? Online Slots!

taka kato favorite casino game

He says that online slot games are simple and easy to play. All you need is luck and a Goldfinger!

“There are many simple games that can be enjoyed in a very short time. Especially slots, I like slots. No human intervention, just a game of luck. That’s why I prefer to play simple slot games.”

He also loves that you can play EMPIRE777 on any phone or mobile device anytime, anywhere. No need to download EMPIRE777 APK! Just play online on a browser.

“You can be at EMPIRE777 anytime, anywhere since you can use it on your phone.”

In perfect Brand Ambassador-style, Taka Kato wants Malaysian and other Asian gamblers to try their golden luck at EMPIRE777 Casino!

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