EMPIRE777 Introduces DuitNow as a New Deposit Method

DuitNow: Empire777 new deposit method

What’s new on Empire777?  Empire777 introduces a new deposit method which is DuitNow. It’s a new payment method for our Malaysian players. It is instant, easy to use, and of course, no need to pay because it’s FREE! Sounds amazing, isn’t it? You might be curious about DuitNow if it’s your first time hearing about it. So we’ve prepared the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you so it will be easy for you to know how it works.

<img src="DuitNow.png" alt="DuitNow">


It is a new way to instantly pay and receive money via Internet Banking and Mobile.
Your bank’s banking. You can make payments easily to be remembered by identifiers using your mobile phone numbers and National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) numbers and Business Registration Numbers.

This will be a new fund transfer option available through Internet and Mobile Banking. DuitNow, PayNet, and Malaysian participant banks have collaborated on this new deposit method.


Consumers and small businesses can use it because it is quick, secure, and free. There are no fees for transfers up to RM 5,000 are waived for consumers and SMEs, with some banks waiving fees for fund transfers. Transfers of more than RM 5,000 are also permitted.
You no longer need to share your bank or account number to receive payments

• Your friends and family can easily pay you using your mobile number.
• Businesses and the government can use your NRIC to make payments to you.
The funds are credited to your bank account immediately, and its service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your preferred bank will notify you once your registration is successful.

It can be accessed through the safety and security of your bank’s Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

It is possible to link your mobile number, NRIC, or Business Registration number to your account number.

This was done solely to enable you to receive fund transfers.
Other parties who have your mobile number, NRIC, or Business Registration number can only contact you if they have your permission.

To receive payments, use your mobile number, NRIC, or Business Registration number. 
You will be unable to access your bank account using your mobile number, NRIC, or Business Registration number.