Online Casino APK vs Web-based Casino Malaysia

mobile apk vs web online casino Malaysia

Online Casino APK vs Web-based Casino Malaysia

Casinos are one of the fastest-developing industries worldwide. Mobile applications have surpassed desktop facilities and captured around 60% of consumer spending market share in 2019.

Although the user experience while playing on mobile casino apps like slot apk and desktops is almost similar, there are still a few differences when we talk about playing in online casinos.

With the introduction of the internet in the late 90s, online casinos became a billion-dollar industry, which is still flourishing to date. However, with the advent of download mobile casino apk and slot apk, some people may find online casinos archaic.

Difference Between Web-based and Mobile Apk Online Casino

Web-based online casinos are websites that offer the casino experience. You can play them for free and in real money mode. All you have to do is connect your computer or laptop to the internet, open a browser, load the website offering online casino games and just play.

The website will ask you to set up a personal account to manage your balance amount, earn bonuses and promo offers, track your progress in tournaments, etc. You don’t require any special device or equipment to play online casinos.

Your desktop is sufficient enough to play online slots, roulette, blackjack, etc. Web-based online casinos can be played on your smartphone using your mobile browser as well.

On the other hand, playing on an app allows you access to a stand-alone app that is downloaded from the App Store/Play Store and used solely for playing. Mobile casinos can be played anytime and anywhere. In today’s age, the widespread use of smartphones has triggered the development of several casino apk for slot machines and live casinos.

Pros and Cons between Mobile Casino Apk vs Web-based Casino

apk and online casino website


Mobile Apps have opened up new ways for gamblers to grow their business. Before the introduction of mobile casinos, players were tied to their desktops and fixed internet connections.

Mobile app casinos have enabled players to play from wherever they are. Its convenience is one of the biggest success factors of mobile casino apps. Many players might ignore the attractive features of playing on a desktop because of this advantage that mobile casino apk offer.


With mobile casino apk, you encounter a smoother and more intuitive experience, thanks to touch screen controls. Whereas in a desktop version, you’ve got to worry about juggling your hands between the keyboard, mouse controls, and other shortcuts.

However, not all mobile casino apps offer the same range of gambling options that a desktop version offers.

Although mobile apps provide the highest level of graphics possible, playing on a mobile screen, which is comparatively smaller than a desktop, can affect your visual exposure. You might even hunch over your phone to see exactly what is written, especially when too much information is displayed.


When we talk about performance, we’re talking about speed and graphics. Here, mobile casino apps can fall short of desktop casinos. While playing online casinos, streaming is an important aspect, in which RAM plays a major role.

Cutting-edge mobile phones provide a seamless experience loaded with RAM ranging from 3GB to 8GB. From a mobile perspective, such specs are incredible. Advanced laptops come with 16GB RAM and a powerful graphics card.

The bigger the RAM, the better the experience. In terms of performance, desktops will always provide a smoother experience than mobile casino apps. Also, mobiles have limited battery life which requires charging when dried up. Playing on mobile apps can drain your battery which can shift your focus from playing to tracking your phone’s battery life.


The mobile casino apk is downloaded on your phone just like any other mobile app. This can take up valuable storage space on your phone, which can further hamper its performance.

Web-based online casino is played on a browser and does not require any downloading. For playing slots, you only have to download a slot app. Downloading different casino apps on your phone utilizes your storage space and makes it cumbersome.

Web-based online casinos give various casino options to play under one roof. You can play anything you like, play slot no download. In terms of storage, the desktop version is a clear winner.

Gambling Options

Web-based casinos give access to a complete repertoire with to choose from a massive choice of slots and casino games. Some of the best, bonus extra-filled slots, are only accessible to desktop versions as computers are powerful enough to run that.

Navigation becomes quite easy on the desktop. Web-based online casinos can effectively use sportsbooks because of their larger display.

Mobile Apps have limited access to casino options. You may have to download the slot app to play slots and the same goes for other casino games.

Many of the larger casino sites host tournaments and competitions which are not available on mobile apps. If you’re enthusiastic about tournaments, you’ll have to shift to a web-based version to play and earn some real money.

Web-based Mobile Version

Web-based online casinos can be played on a desktop as well as on a mobile browser. Many desktop versions are optimized for mobile browsers as well, which means you don’t need to download any software or apps.

You can get the convenience of mobile apps in mobile browsers as well. Moreover, many casino websites are optimizing games for mobile browsers that ensure access to all casino options irrespective of what device you’re using.

If you want to play on a mobile browser, make sure your mobile software is updated with the latest version. Additionally, you need to install the latest flash version that is compatible with the casino game. This ensures a great gaming experience.


Web-based online casinos offer a better casino experience than mobile apps. Web-based casinos provide faster response time, better visibility, better user experience, and a wider selection of casino games.

On the other hand, mobile apps provide an important characteristic of being portable. Eventually, it depends on your personal preferences whether web-based or app-based online casinos suit you. For both the options, a strong internet connection is required and you’re all set to play.

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