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Unleash Your Winning Potential: EMPIRE777 Casino’s Blackjack Bliss

Blackjack lover? You have come to the right place! Race to 21 with one of the most popular, fast paced card games to exist. With the lowest house edge in the industry, you will not be disappointed in this ultimate card showdown at our online  casino!

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What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games available at EMPIRE777. The goal of this game is to acquire a hand as close to 21 as possible, beating the dealer in the process. Beating the dealer with a regular hand pays out 1:1, while beating the dealer with this game pays out 3:2.

As the leading online casino, we have many popular game variants, with this EMPIRE777 original version of this game being amongst our best games!

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How to Play Blackjack Online at EMPIRE777


Playing online Blackjack games and other table games at EMPIRE777 couldn’t be easier. Begin by creating an account, before depositing the currencies of your choice.

Then, employing a basic strategy to help you, take a seat at this game table and place your bets. When the game gets underway, you need to decide whether to stand (stick with the cards that you have been dealt) or hit (receive another card from the dealer).

You can stand with any value that is 21 or under, but be careful – stand with a hand that is too low and the dealer is likely to beat you to 21. But if you take a risk and hit with a hand that is close to 21 already, you might go bust.

Working out when to hit and when to stand is crucial to your game strategy and will help you win more hands than you lose at the table.

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What are the Basic Rules of Blackjack


We’ve already established that game is a race to 21 cards, but there are some other simple game rules that you need to be aware of when playing this classic table game:

  • Hit or stand: Every hand that you’re dealt, you must decide whether to hit or stand, as explained above.
  • Split: If the first two hands that you’re dealt forms a pair (5+5, for instance), you can decide to split your hand in two. If you opt to split your hand, you need place the same bet again.
  • Double:The double down option in this game allows you to double your bet in the middle of a hand in exchange for just one more card. Though a risky bet, it can increase the value of your payouts if you’re feeling good about the deal.
  • Insurance: An insurance bet in this game is a side bet and it’s only available when the dealer’s exposed hand is an ace. If you place an insurance bet, you are betting on the dealer landing Blackjack and if you’re correct, you earn a payout of 2:1.

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Blackjack Betting Options & Bet Sizes

As soon as you have added funds to your EMPIRE777 account, you can decide how much to bet per hand at this game table.

Remember, because the game pays out 1:1 for standard bets, the amount that you stake is the amount that you can win in return.

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Blackjack Payouts & House Edge

Our game features the lowest house edge in the industry, at just 0.57%. Therefore, Stake Original game has a theoretical return to player percentage of 99.43%.

In terms of payouts, if you beat the dealer with a standard hand, you are paid out 1:1. However, if you beat the dealer with this game (A+10 / picture card + 10), you are paid out 3:2. Insurance bets pay 2:1.

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Blackjack Strategies & Tips


Although luck plays a big role in the outcome of this game hand, the fact that you can decide to hit or stand each hand means that a basic game strategy is also important. Here are some tips that will help you as you get your feet under this game table:

  • While it’s tempting to go for 21 every time, standing with a hand of 17 or better is a smart move as it keeps you in the game. After all, if you go bust, you have zero chance of beating the dealer.
  • Read the dealer’s hand before making your decision. If the dealer is showing 7-Ace, they’re likely to have a good hand and that should influence your decision accordingly.
  • Aces and Eights are great cards to split as you’re betting on getting a ten in your next hand.
  • Remember that you are only dealt one additional card after doubling down, so make sure that you don’t play yourself out of the game.

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EMPIRE777 Casino offers a wide range of payment options and the quickest, simplest, and safest platform for deposits and withdrawals. Through our online banking, credit cards, cash deposits, CDM, over-the-counter, and local bank transfers, we accept a variety of currencies, including THB, USD, MYR, and VND.

Payment options:

  • My Cash
  • E-wallet
  • Payz
  • Neteller
  • DuitNow


EMPIRE777’s highly trained and friendly 24/7 customer support staff ensures queries are handled quickly and efficiently. Licensed and authorized by the Government of Curacao and regulated by Gaming Curacao, EMPIRE777 Casino operates strictly within these regulations. 

It’s also worth noting that 777 empire has a stellar reputation for its prompt payouts, hefty bonuses, and other player perks. All the essentials for a successful and entertaining gaming session can be found at EMPIRE777, whether your preference is for online slots, table games, or live dealer games.

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