Experience the Black Bull by Pragmatic Play at EMPIRE777

Black Bull of Pragmatic Play at EMPIRE777

Black Bull Slot Game Overview: Bull riding has to be one of the most amazing rodeo events that is still practiced today. A brave rider straps himself on and tries to avoid being bucked off for at least 8 seconds. Most people wouldn’t want to be in the same pen as one of those beasts who snort out their nostrils. Also, Black Bull was release on October 2022 in Empire777. So if you want to play visit EMPIRE777 and register.

It takes a specific kind of person to even consider trying to ride one of those beasts—some of them can buck—and they may be rather dangerous. It also takes a particular type of individual to desire to launch Black Bull, an online slot from Pragmatic Play. A money symbol collection feature, wild creatures, and beautiful scenery can all be found in this American nature-themed slot machine.

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Since the features and mechanics of Black Bull are mostly the same as those in Treasure Wild, a slot machine by Pragmatic Play, you’ll be able to navigate them with ease. Black Bull’s theme is a combination of the US Prairie and the Wild West.

Black Bull, rated a 4 out of 5 for volatility by Pragmatic Play, is just as intense as riding a bucking bull, which must be a somewhat unexpected experience. The RTP is a market-dependent variable, starting with a maximum default value of 96.51% and descending to a minimum of 94.24%.

Collecting Money Symbols in Black Bull

One of Black Bull’s attractions is collecting money symbols, which is made more exciting in free spins with a progressive element. Up till then, hitting line wins, which are composed of three to five matching symbols, is the alternate way to win coins.

All winning symbols pay in adjacent reels starting on the leftmost reel and moving clockwise. Card royals from Jack to Ace are dealt first, and when a five-of-a-kind win occurs, it is worth 2x the wager. These are the most expensive of the symbols, followed by lizards, a horned monster, an eagle, a wolf, and a black bull. The payout for scoring a five-of-a-kind premium win ranges from 4 to 25x the bet.

Black Bull

Black Bull Features in Empire777

The money symbol and the wild are two more important symbols in Black Bull. A random value between 0.5 and 50x the entire stake is displayed when financial symbols land. Values for money symbols are collected when wild symbols also appear. Every wild symbol visible collects the value of every coin. Wilds can also replace any regular pay symbol and are worth the same as the bull premium when creating winning wild lines. They can also collect money symbol rewards.

Free Spins

You receive 6 free spins for landing 6–11 money symbols, 8 free spins for landing 12–17 money symbols, and 10 free spins for landing 18–20 money symbols. Prior to the start of the bonus round’s progressive feature, all coin values from the money symbols that initially triggered it are collected and saved as the starting value.

Once money symbols land during the round, they add their worth to the money gathered, and when wild symbols land, each one awards the money earned up to that point. Furthermore, an additional two free spins are given for every six money symbols that appear throughout the bonus round.

Also, players have the option to purchase free spins for 75 times their bet if they’d rather not wait for 6 or more money symbols to appear randomly. When free spins are purchased, the RTP rises to 96.69%.



Black Bull of Pragmatic Play Summary

There is no denying that Pragmatic Play excels at capturing the North American animal theme, and Black Bull is no exception. It’s certainly more attractive than Treasure Wild, the game it replaced, thanks in large part to recognizable graphics and excellent music. Even though the gameplay is essentially the same, let’s just say that this release has a considerably larger viral potential. And everything depends on the money-collecting bonus round because you will still only receive top-up wins from the money symbols in the base game if that.

Although the 4,500x potential remains the same, it’s important to note that the win cap chance has gone from 1 in 5,908,813 to 1 in 1,140,698. With that in mind, it’s clear which version we prefer, despite the fact that the bonus round may sometimes be frustrating when wilds are difficult to find.

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