Play Now with the Playful Feng Shui Kitties in Empire777!


It’s not something that you can expect to find easily, but as Feng Shui Kitties proves Big Win to Epic Win Slot Game, there are some 3-reel slot machines out there that will surprise you. In this particular case, it does it via its awesome design and its use of a Chinese luck theme, both being quite rare for classic layout slot machines.

The Luck is spin in your favor with these Feng Shui Kitties, with the energy flowing around you the lucky kitties will bring that multiplier to make you eight times richer! Come and spin along as these two kitties bring you good luck and prosperity!

<img src="Feng Shui Kitties.png" alt="Feng Shui Kitties">


Despite the 3 reels which make up the game area, you have some exciting multipliers to supplement the more regular features which are offered.

The wild symbol is one of the regulars as far as I’m concerned, a feature which you will use in other combinations if it appears just once or twice on a line, but with three together you get the game jackpot. Three wilds also trigger the 2-way pay, so you get paid twice per combo. You may not use it in place of a scatter symbol.

The 2nd reel is the one that can host the 8x wild, which you may use as a replacement for both regular wilds and other types of symbols, though the scatters are once again excluded. Any winning combination which has the 8x wild contributing to the win will see its prize get increased by that amount. It’s obviously capable of giving you a huge payout, compared with the regular wins at least.

Finally, we move on to the scatter symbol, the one marked Free Spins. It’s obvious what it will do for you, from Big Win to Epic Win Slot Game should you get this symbol on all three reels. The scattered positions ensure that it doesn’t matter where the symbol lands, but you do need all three visible.

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