Aztec Fire 2 Slot Detailed Game Review at EMPIRE777

aztec fire 2 slot

Aztec Fire 2 developed by 3 Oaks, takes players on a thrilling journey through the ancient Aztec civilization. This slot features at EMPIRE777 has five reels, four rows, and 20 pay lines, with medium volatility balancing regular wins and dynamic gameplay. Players can win up to x10,000 of their bet, making every spin an exciting chance for big rewards. Continue reading to learn more about this slot jackpot game.

Aztec Fire 2 Slot Game Overview

aztec fire 2 gameplay

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of EMPIRE777 Online Casino Malaysia Aztec Fire 2, a legendary 5×4 slot game that brings the glory and mystique of the Meso-American civilization to life. As you spin the reels, you’ll be transported to the mesmerizing Mexican jungle, where stunning natural scenery and breathtaking wildlife provide a beautiful backdrop to your adventure.

Expanding Reels and Hold & Win Bonus Round:

Experience the excitement of the reels expanding during the exhilarating HOLD & WIN BONUS round. This feature gives you the opportunity to chase after the flaming hot ROYAL JACKPOT, which offers a staggering payout of x10,000 your bet. In addition to the Royal Jackpot, you’ll also have the chance to win other fantastic jackpots including the MINI, MIDI, MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND JACKPOTS, each with its own substantial reward.

Collecting Bonus Symbols:

As you venture through the lush jungle, your mission is to collect BONUS SYMBOLS, which are shaped like colorful, flaming meteors. These special symbols come with attached money values and are your key to unlocking the thrilling HOLD & WIN BONUS game. To trigger this bonus round, you need to collect at least six BONUS SYMBOLS during regular play.

Hold & Win Bonus Game Mechanics:

At the beginning of the HOLD & WIN BONUS game, you will be granted three respins. Your goal is to fill the board with as many BONUS SYMBOLS as possible. Each time a new BONUS SYMBOL lands on the reels, the respin counter resets to three, giving you more opportunities to collect additional symbols and increase your winnings.

Chasing the Royal Jackpot:

The ultimate goal is to aim for the ROYAL JACKPOT by filling the entire board with BONUS SYMBOLS. Achieving this will award you the impressive ROYAL JACKPOT, multiplying your bet by a phenomenal x10,000. The excitement of potentially hitting this jackpot adds a thrilling element to every spin.

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Aztec Fire 2 Online Slot Bonus Game

aztec fire 2 bonus game

The Bonus Game is an exciting feature that can significantly boost your winnings. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the Bonus Game works:

Triggering the Bonus Game: The Bonus Game is triggered when you collect 6 or more Bonus symbols during regular play.

Sticky Bonus Symbols: Once the Bonus Game starts, all Bonus symbols that triggered the game will stick to their positions on the reels. These sticky symbols remain in place for the duration of the Bonus Game, increasing your chances of accumulating more Bonus symbols.

Initial Re-Spins: At the beginning of the Bonus Game, you are granted 3 Re-Spins. These Re-Spins provide you with additional opportunities to land more Bonus symbols on the reels.

Re-Spin Reset Mechanism: Each time a new Bonus symbol appears on the reels during the Bonus Game, the number of Re-Spins is reset to 3. This reset mechanism continues as long as new Bonus symbols keep appearing, prolonging the Bonus Game and enhancing your winning potential.

Duration of the Bonus Game: The Bonus Game continues until you either run out of Re-Spins or manage to collect all 40 Bonus symbols. If no new Bonus symbols appear within the 3 Re-Spins, the Bonus Game will end.

Calculating Bonus Win: When the Bonus Game concludes, the values of all the collected Bonus symbols are summed up. This total sum represents your Bonus Win, which is then paid out to you.

Rows Unlocking

rows unlocking

In the Bonus Game, the additional rows are initially locked, and unlocking them can significantly enhance your gameplay by increasing your chances of winning. Here’s how the Rows Unlocking Feature works:

At the start of the Bonus Game, Rows 5, 6, 7, and 8 are locked. To unlock these rows, you need to collect a specific number of Bonus symbols on the active reels. The following table outlines the requirements for unlocking each row:

Row to Unlock Number of Bonus Symbols Required
5th Row 10 Bonus symbols
6th Row 15 Bonus symbols
7th Row 20 Bonus symbols
8th Row 25 Bonus symbols

5th Row: To unlock the 5th row, you need to collect 10 Bonus symbols. Once this requirement is met, the 5th row will become active, increasing the number of winning combinations available.

6th Row: Collecting 15 Bonus symbols will unlock the 6th row. With this row active, you further enhance your potential for larger payouts.

7th Row: When you gather 20 Bonus symbols, the 7th row unlocks, offering even more opportunities to win.

8th Row: Finally, collecting 25 Bonus symbols unlocks the 8th row, maximizing the number of active reels and providing the highest chances of achieving substantial rewards.

Unlocking these rows progressively enhances your gameplay experience during the Bonus Game, making it more thrilling as you aim to collect the necessary Bonus symbols to unlock each row and increase your potential winnings.

empire777 slots welcome bonus

Aztec Fire 2 Slot Mobile Slot Game Jackpot

The Jackpot feature in this Aztec Fire 2 mobile slot game offers an exciting opportunity to win various levels of jackpots through the collection of special Bonus symbols. During the Bonus Game, you can randomly encounter different types of Bonus symbols, each corresponding to a specific jackpot. Here is a breakdown of the jackpots available and their values:

MINI Jackpot: x10 your bet
MIDI Jackpot: x20 your bet
MINOR Jackpot: x40 your bet
MAJOR Jackpot: x100 your bet
GRAND Jackpot: x1,000 your bet

Additionally, there is a special Royal Jackpot that can be won under specific conditions:

Royal Jackpot: To win the Royal Jackpot, you need to collect all 40 Bonus symbols of any type during the Bonus Game. Achieving this feat will grant you the highly coveted Royal Jackpot, significantly boosting your total winnings.

This Jackpot feature adds an extra layer of excitement and potential for large rewards, making the game even more thrilling as you aim to collect the Bonus symbols and achieve the highest possible jackpots.

Multiplier Feature

aztec fire 2 multiplier

The Multiplier Feature adds an exciting dimension to the game by allowing you to multiply your wins. To activate this Malaysia Online Slot games feature, you need to fill the entire special row with Bonus symbols. Depending on which row you fill, your wins will be multiplied according to the following structure:

Special Row Filled Multiplier Applied
5th Row X2
6th Row X3
7th Row X5
8th Row X10

This feature significantly enhances your potential rewards and adds an extra layer of strategy and anticipation to your gameplay. Aim to fill these special rows with Bonus symbols to maximize your winnings!

Aztec Fire 2 Free Spins

aztec fire 2

When you play the main game, landing 3 Scatter symbols will initiate a round of 8 Free Spins. During this Free Spins feature, if you manage to get 2 or more Scatter symbols on the reels, you will be rewarded with at least 3 additional Free Spins, extending your playtime and increasing your chances of winning.

Moreover, during the Free Spins of this free online games, the reels are populated exclusively with the highest-paying symbols. This means that every spin during this feature is packed with the potential for significant rewards, as only the top symbols are present, enhancing the excitement and potential payouts of your Free Spins round.

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What is the volatility of Aztec Fire 2?

The game offers medium volatility, providing a balance between frequent wins and the potential for larger payouts.

Can I play Aztec Fire 2 on mobile devices?

Yes, Aztec Fire 2 is typically optimized for mobile devices.

Where can I play Aztec Fire 2?

You can find Aztec Fire 2 at many online casinos such as EMPIRE777 reputable and licensed casino.


Aztec Fire 2 is an exciting slot machine that combines the allure of ancient civilizations with thrilling bonus features and the potential for big wins. With its medium volatility, it caters to a wide range of players, while the HOLD & WIN BONUS and Free Spins offer heart-pounding action. So, gear up for an unforgettable adventure and see if you can uncover the riches of the Aztec Winning Jackpots!

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